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Building a motorcycle trailer.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by XG, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Anybody built a motorcycle trailer before... im thinking of building one shortly... so i can use it to cart me bike to the track... or if worse come off ..

    Anybody go any tips.... ? or even designs......

    What size springs should i look at buying.

    I know i prolly could prolly just go out and buy one.. think its more fun... trying to building one as a hobby :)


  2. LOL!Crazy bugger! :p It will prolly work out cheaper too if ya just buy one! :p Im pretty sure there was a thread going around about bike trailers mate. 8)
  3. matt , get rid of the red head , get another bike and by the trailer :LOL: :LOL:
    I have one in the garage , so if you want to look at the layout and design , you are free to pop in . i am on the north side of melb.
  4. i do know of one for sale,its not regestered however he wants $650
  5. :D thx glenn, mate i might take you up on your offer :)

    lol cant get rid of the redhead she owns the car... er 4WD.

    Hehe thx Gman, i'll thikn about it.. if i change my mind about maknig one.

    Gixxerrules... lol ya.... always wanted to build one... :p :)

    Cheers Matt
  6. sounds like fun, but I'd be too scared to put my bike on a home-made trailer hehe :p
  7. Ya well i got pretty much all the tools, and always going to the recycling centre near the tip... amazing what ya can find, or convert :D
  8. Well good luck with it Matt ya crazy bugger. :p Make sure you post up a pic or two when you finish mate! 8) :p
  10. Have you considered a monotow?

    Its an attachment to the towbar which allows you to lift the front wheel off the ground and tow the bike around on it's back wheel.

    I'm not sure if they are still around, but I bought one a couple of years back. They cost less than a trailer and take up even less room. I transport the 9R around with it... there are some precautions you need to take though...
  11. robsalvv, where did you get your monotow from? i've been looking for one but can't seem to find them anywhere! I've also been thinking of buying a trailer but a lack of storage space makes it completely impractical :(

    How does it attach to the towbar? I've got a 'normal' style Hayman Reese towbar on my car already which has got two bolts for mounting the tongue to the chassis. It would be a real pain if the heavy duty box style Hayman was required (though it would be a damn sight easier to mount!)


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  13. A couple of things to note, most 3 bike trailers will carry 3 trail bikes but only 2 road bikes (ok maybe 3 unfaired 250 road bikes).

    The length of lots of bike trailers is only sufficient for a full size road bike in the middle (often longer) position.

    Lots of bike trailers don't have a section of U for a ramp, that isn't a problem with most trail bikes but try lifting a 240kg road bike without a ramp and you'll find you have real problems!

    It is best to have a mount point for the ramp on the trailer, a couple of welded on bolts and a couple of holes in the ramp and you can sit the ramp between two of the U channels.

    When making the ramp allow for a flat extension at the trailer end that is just narrow enough to sit inside and onto the U channel for the bike. A slot in the U channel and a tab at the end of the ramp is one way to do this, or you can weld a section onto the back of the trailer and tack a couple of pins onto the ramp, either will do.

    Don't forget multiple tie down points, and don't make the springs too heavy :)
  14. Monotow used to have a website... but it appears to be shutdown now. They had a big blurb about the development and testing. Making one isn't out of the question, and I would have used a thicker schedule on all components for mine... but it's stood up to an emergency brake, semi jack knife freeway situation happily, so I think it's been designed right.

    If you get one, go the heavy duty.

    I have a standard 1200kg HR tow bar. The monotow slides on to the tongue and inserting and bolting in the tow ball locks it into place.

    The space advantage doesn't come free though - as it's a bit more fiddly than a trailer.

    Here's the benefit of my few years of experience with one [it's taken the gpx and the '9R to PI at least 10 times now... and to the shop lots more]

    - I use a "superbike sling" steering bar harness - It allows you to tie the bike down to the handle bars easily, reducing this to a one man operation...

    - Before heading off, I run the engine while up on the tow to ensure the main drive gear and related is well lubed before heading off - I also stop every 45-60minutes to start the engine for the same reason.

    - Naturally the bike is in nuetral, but I've taken to tieing up the clutch lever to disengage the clutch as well.

    - I put a seat belt shoulder pad around the monotow chain to minimise scratching my front rim.

    - I've fitted a stabalising flat bar to the ramp to widen the foot print which stops the ramp from twisting off the monotow when slightly off centre going up the ramp.

    - The bike leans opposite to what you expect in a corner... that's OK!!

    Like I said - it's not as fool proof as a trailer... but fits in a corner of the garage!


  15. Have built several trailers.

    Get me an email address and I'll send you a couple of pics.

    As some one said road bikes are heavy. Need to carry ramp. I also have a winch attached. Try getting a heavy road bike with a flat rear tyre on.

    I also have a stand at the rear to prevent it rearing up if it comes off the ball by accident.

  16. Actually our trailer is a 8x5 and we welded a frame and rio cage on as well as that we made a tailgate that lifts off to ride the bikes on and also tie down rails ,i also use my horse float if i am going alone also welded in tie down loops out of the way of my horse's legs,just take out the center devider and ride the bike in .
  17. As everyone said,just aint worth it,tried it once,and even with free labour and mig from a mate,just for the price the steels going to cost you alone,it just isnt cost effective,even just to get youre ol rusted out floor replaced in the trailer thats sat in the bottom of uncle Freds garden for the last 10 years that he,s donated to the cause is expensive,a piece of checker plate aluminium in a standard 6 b 4 will cost you in the neighbourhood of low 100 buclavarnies.
    :idea: By 1,and get a mate with a mig or the local muffler shop to weld youre custom bits on,much more cost effective.
  18. Thanks for the info. The pictures are great ... I've been thinking of how the design works for some time now. I have some friends who may be able to fabricate something very similar!

    I'm assuming that it doesn't need to be registered as a trailer?

  19. I'm building/designing a motorbike trailer that folds and can be stored in a normal single garage that has to fit a car and a bike...

    I have seen two designes... one from America that is sold here and retails for $2000 :) and another that is... well not designed for australian road conditions but is still sold here... go figure 10 inch wheels!!

    Also the most common trailer design does not take into account farings... so you eather have to use special straps that hang off the ends of the handle bars... or make special mounting points... which I have done to my trailer (non folding) and must say they work a treat!!