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Building a Custom Chopper

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ninja03, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Eyy guys,

    Have recently been thinking about building a custom chopper but not really sure what to do. Ive heard about these "bike in a box kits" which you can order from brisbane which apparantly have all the parts you need and really just need to be assembled.

    Just woundering if anyone has built one of their own before and what it involves? Do you need much mechanical expierience with one of these kits or is it fairly easy to follow the instruction manual? DO they take long to build? I heard you save a fair bit of money building one rather than purchasing one.

    Thanks Guys
  2. [​IMG]

    I think this is what you mean! :p

    But seriously, the joy of a custom bike is that it is custom, not off the shelf. Something you have put your heart & soul into.

    Buying that in a box kinda defeats the purpose IMHO.
  3. I agree with MV, though you would have something a bit unique.

    Do your homework. I image none will come with comprehensive instructions. They will assume you know what you are doing. though there are not many parts in most choppers.

    It should be fairly simple, but keep in mind they could vary from being an unpainted tank and frame and you supply everything and do the painting, to a genuine bolt together kit.

    also check compliance in your state. Traditionally Queensland is the easiest state to get compliance in so that means it may not necessarily get compliance in other states.

    Also by no means expect it to be cheap. Even in this form you can double the price of a Dyna.

    It is the right way to go in a sense, because the genuinely custom ones you read about are a bit deceptive, in that they rely on the builder having ready access to a machine and fab shop and the case of beer labour to go with it. Something many of us don't have.

  4. Yeh i know what ya saying just i dont have any expierience with building bikes at all. Thought maybe buying a kit or a mini chiopper kit with a manual would be a good way to start rather than jumping straight into the deep end thats all
  5. If the morons from OCC can do it anybody can.
  6. Yep just order all the bling bits and bolt them togethor.

    If you want to build a real chopper then it takes a bit than that. have a squizz at this guy, yes you ned some skills but fark it's cool and cheap!