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building a 250 supermotard ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by skivi, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. howdy guys and gals, cats and kittens.

    before i start, i did a search on the topic and failed to find anything helpful.

    i have my L's but not a bike yet as im going over to india for a while after i finish school in a month or two.

    once i get back i'll be hammer and tongs into the classifieds as i was before i had to start studying.

    i realise that i wont have my 250 for long but i still dont like the idea of spending my life savings on a 16 year old spada etc.

    my question to you wonderfull folks is... if i get my hands on a clean registered enduro ie 2000 ish model XR250 what sort of mulah, time and effort is is going to take to get the bike converted to a supermotard??? also do you think the resale would be any good??????????????????

    any help would be great,
  2. Im in a [semi] similar position to you

    Have a look at the Victorian Street Motards Riders Club

    *I dont work for the site or nething. Dont know the quality of it or helpfulness, but it may put u in touch with similar people aswell as NR.

    From the website, there looks like there has been a signifcant SM thieft - make sure you look at the details before buying anything - (article on bottom of homepage)

    As for Supermotards - dont you just put road tires on it and buy a road kit? i.e. numberplate holder/indicators etc
  3. your looking at 2-3 grand minumum to convert a bike to superetard......if your not looking to spend much on your first bike mate, i wouldnt bother with a motard, especially a 250.
  4. +1 Except for the "retard" comment...

  5. Out of interest guys, why would it cost so much to do the conversion?

    What exactly is the difference between a dirt bike with road wheels and a supermotard?

    /excuse my clulessness
  6. That depends on how far you want to take it.
    Wheels, tyres, breaks, gearing, re-maping the chip, or playing with the carbie
  7. I know this doesnt answer all of your question but its a good start..


    The biggest difference between the two (resulting in the price difference) is the road rim is a cast alloy and the motard is a laced/spoked rim. This allows the motard rim to take abuse (Jumps or many more hard wheelie landings). Motard brakes are usually specced up, but not necessary. Beyond this the 17" motard rim incoperates its own spacer - a road rim would require this as well.

    Not sure if ive left anything else out... im far from expert.

  8. for talon hubs and excel rims, you'd be looking at spending a pretty penny.

    but a lot of people use road bike rims (such as rgv250) with machined spacers. it's cheaper but make take some know how and trial-and-error to get it right.
  9. or the real cheap way to do it is like i have done, just put some road tyres on the standard rims.

    i have a set like of these on my bike http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/tirecatalog_tire.asp?id=83, they kick ass, and only cost $220ish fitted. if you were keen after that you can also upgrade the brakes beacause the stock brakes aren't amazing on the road, however that gets a bit expensive and isn't really needed.

    to go the 17"rims you are looking at $2000 plus tyres. a new large brake disk, caliper, mount brakets, master cylinder etc will be $1000+. http://www.ballards.cc/ ballards will have everything you need.

    i couldnt recommened a bike like mine enough around the city, it accelerates better than most any 4 stroke 250 from the lights, handles great at slow speeds, puts you up high so you can see over traffic and is narrow enough to squeeze through most gaps. it's only drawback is being confined to the city, xr's will go a bit over 100 stock, but that's pretty flat out and drops with a head wind. if you keep the original parts resale wont change, xr prices are pretty steady.
  10. If you do it I'd like to see some pics. I was thinking about doing the conversion on a 02 XR650. I really think it would be fun around town etc.