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Build your riding networks! Get social!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by robsalvv, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Dear new riders.

    Rides aren't the only way to meet new riders.

    There are a few "coffee" nights around where you can meet new riders and start making new riding friends.

    Check out the events forum for your state. https://netrider.net.au/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=94

    You might be shy, you might think you have nothing to offer, you might think it's a clique... well, all you have to do is rock up and say, "Hi, are you netriders?" and you're in. It's not all bike talk and it's not all coffee. It's folks that ride getting together to shoot the breeze, share (tall) stories and grab a bite to eat.

    Get socialising - Netrider, Connecting riders.


  2. Do you guys still do the special netrider initiation? Or should I leave the cheese grater, latex suit and 14' dildo at home?
  3. You forgot to mention the goat rooting
  4. Actually, the fine print says the special initiation is only for Gsxxer... I know he's looking forward to it. ;) :grin:

    ...you can expect some fun and ribbing at times... :)
  5. Why the hell would you own a 14 foot dildo?!?
  6. For 14 times the fun of course

  7. Why wouldn't you?
  8. I see you also subscribe to this school of logic... and as it stands I can think of no reason not to own one, considering some of the other junk I own and the 13.5' dildo, I guess a 14' one would help to complete the set.
  9. A 14" could do the job, but a 14ft could possibly make you walk like a cowboy !
  10. Walk like a cowboy and sh1t like a tap lmao
  11. still trying to get my head around that comment haha !!!! :busting:
  12. Fellers, let's get it back on topic thanks. The idea is to promote the Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday coffee nights as easy ways to connect with new riders. Come and meet your new riding buddies.

    Wednesday and Sunday coffee nights seem to have taken a hiatus.
  13. Melbourne's Tuesday night on the East Side will always welcome new attendees. We are a little bit orphaned at the moment though, since our regular place decide to renovate and offer only a four choice menu, without any notice, even though we are there every week!

    For now we will be at our old haunt: Marks Place at 701 Boronia Road in Wantirna.
  14. sunday is still on, but only when motoGP/superbikes are on, so next one not for a few weeks.

    Will have decided on venue by then ;)
  15. I'll rock up to one eventually, dildo in hand just so you know I'm from netriders :p