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Build higher seat - what to use?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. G'day All.

    The seat on my XV535 is too low for me and I want to raise it by 10cm (the thickness of the two encyclopedias on which I sat, on the bike, which felt right). What I've decided to do it keep it simple: pull the seat apart and seperate the pan from the foam, mount the seat with it's plastic pan on the frame, as per normal, then built something 10cm high on top of the pan, then put the stock foam on top of that, and have it recovered. But what can I use to build up that 10cm? I know nothing about this sort of stuff - I'm thinking of something like, eg a sylicone, which I can get at a hardware and which will set hard enough to act as a 10cm high base for the foam - some sort of goo that goes hard like plastic. I'm concerned that just building it up with foam will create a vague mushy cushion. Any suggestions?

    Below is the bike as it is now, and further below is what it will look like with a raised seat. I will probably flatten it out a fair bit - both in terms of comfort and looks, I'm going less Harley and more road / brit bike with this.


  2. Cheapo camping mat and PVA/hot glue/liquid nails I reckon.
  3. I would go and see Australian Cumfy Seats - 5 East Street, Hadfield - for advice. He knows all about foam densities, ride comfort etc. That is where my seat pan is going very soon.


    And Craig's tip for carving soft foam?

    1/. Take your lump of foam and squeeze in a bucket of water so it absorbs as much water as it can hold.

    2/. Put it in the freezer until it is frozen solid.

    Then you can carve it like styrene using rasps, files etc and get the rounded edges you need.

    - Brilliant! -
  4. 10cm is quite a lot. If you really meant 10cm I'd be taking it to the seat manufacturer in Hatfield (see above). You can also buy the seat foam from him and do it yourself but making the cover fit or making a new cover is the hard part.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, I intend to get those people to cover the seat for me. I'll build it up myself to save money, but maybe they can advise me on, or sell me, some material. Otherwise a visit to Clark Rubber will be in order. I am aware of the issue of the height - 10cm is a lot and I want something that is solid (hence the desire for some goo that goes hard like plastic).
  6. Well, it doesn't cost too much to buy two or three lumps of different foam from the Clarke Rubber scrap bag and ride a round on each lump to see which feels the best.

    I believe some of the smarter seats use different density foam at different points in the seat, depending upon which part of the seat it is and whether it is there for cushioning or support.
  7. One sheet of this neoprene rubber might do the job http://www.clarkrubber.com.au/rubber-strips-and-sheeting/standard-rubber.html

    At any rate to make my judgement I'll just go in and see it in the flesh (I mean, in the rubber). I'm sure they'll have something. I want to find something that will not sink lower with wieght placed on it - this is for an extension to the base, the stock foam which I'll re-use will/should be the only padding.
  8. Yeah - I was thinking Neoprene too, should be sturdy enough and easy to cut and work.

    Have a look at the cheap mats they sell there too (like PatB said).
  9. I've been looking at a CM250 Honda which is asking to be cafe'd, same issue with the seat. I'd been thinking of a piece of 1/2" ply as a base for a new seat. Relatively light and bonds well with epoxy glues.