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build fail

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nosoh, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. I for one will not laugh, but only because he's done better than I would've.
  2. This is brilliant! :rofl:
    Thanks for posting.
  3. yeah, dont just watch the vid blackadder go to bcs- well worth the read, its all fun and games right from post #1. these pics are classic.
    nail. 8464NX6h.
    Here is video #2

    Sum ting wong?
  5. Another internet classic! Hahaha

    So far I've seen:

    - The bloke who cut an air intake into his kwaka frame (among many other genius inventions).

    - The bloke who put energy drink in his tank

    - The yutt-ughh stunt school
  6. This makes me feel so much better about anything I've ever made that's been a little bit NQR.
  7. I have a builder friend that I am compelled to share this with. I just hope he sees the funny side....
  8. This is WA. He'll think it's very impressive. ;)