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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Anyone aware of any cheapish kit bikes? I'd like to get a crate with a complete bike, completely in pieces that I can build like a big 3D puzzle, rather than a kit that converts an existing bike. Or would my best bet be to just hover around ebay and find a disassembled one? Had a quick google and just found a few shonky sites with the conversion style kits.

  2. Are you talking about a complete knock down kit like a Caterham? eg. Self Assembly One issue is like the Caterham kits you may have trouble getting registration in Australia, at least in Victoria I know you can't register the kit cars unless you use a frame from one that was purchased as a whole car.

    However I've never seen anything like that for a bike, only conversion kits for older bikes. If you're really keen maybe contact the head office of a manufacturer and see if they are willing to sell a bike as unassembled parts.
  3. Before making any decisions on what you're going to do, check with your state registration authority as to what you can and can't do and, if you're looking to import, check with the DoT in Canberra (the Imports call centre, ask for Luke if you can as he's pretty sympathetic to custom stuff, assuming he's still there) to see if you're going to be able to bring it in.
  4. They don't exist. Your best bet would be to buy a project or basket case and then build exactly what you want from that, customising as you go. Beware though, prices can get out of hand very quickly !! Is a lot of fun though and the end result is satisfying, and you know every single nut and bolt on the bike.
  5. They are more than keen to do this. It is why each manufacturer has a spare parts department. Costs you 10 times as much, which is why they are more than happy to sell you the bike as unassembled parts !!
  6. I can think of at least one kit bike and at least one custom manufacturer who will sell you enough major parts to construct a whole bike. Both are overseas though and I know for a fact that you won't get the Hardknock Bobber (the kit that I'm aware of) into Oz without becoming the official importer and going through the rigmarole of Compliancing the thing.

    I believe that the local agent for things like the SkyTeam Ace have been known to sell their wares in their import crates, requiring assembly on the part of the buyer. Cheap too.
  7. Wonder how a Skyteam Ace would go with an XR400 single stuffed in it :)

  8. Probably quite well, but it kind of misses the point. Might as well keep the XR lump where it belongs and thrash the little Chonda as nature intended. If you really need more, I believe that it's possible to obtain CG125 knock off motors up to ~250cc, which should go straight into the Ace to give it a bit more go.
  9. I've got a bike for sale I'll pull apart and put it in a few boxes and send to u if u like ;-)
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, looks like there's nothing available for what I'm looking for. Perhaps a market niche exists for some enterprising soul. Though where I'd get the parts from I don't know.

    Yeah that's the kind of thing I'm talking about, I'm in a weird assembler mood and I'd like a big box of parts and an instructions manual. I find following assembly instructions to be quite relaxing. But it's not a several thousand dollars kind of whim, so I think the manufacturer idea would be a bit too exxy.

    Yeah good point, that'd be the next step after seeing if anything is actually available. If it were cheap enough, could still be worth it as a paddock basher even if it can't be road-registered.

    I guess I'm hoping for a company that acknowledges making it myself is more difficult, and charges me a suitably small amount to compensate :p Although Ikea is both expensive *and* unassembled, those goddamned sheisters.

    Those things look pretty cool, the capacities are probably way too low for me though, I'm a heavy guy.

    Haha, at a suitable Build-It-Yourself discount I hope :p
  11. Be aware that, if it looks like a road bike and/or has ever been sold anywhere as a road bike, you won't get an import permit without it either being a complianced model or there being a serious intent on your part to compliance the model. Import permits are assessed on the basis of the vehicle and not on the importer's stated intended use. Or at least that was the case as of June 30 2015 when I last did one during my brief spell at DoT. Something that's clearly dirt or race only from the factory should be OK though.

    The above only applies to post-Jan 89 vehicles. What you could do is trawl Ebay etc. for something like an 80s Harris Magnum. Import approval shouldn't be too much of a sweat and there is no such thing as a Harris (or other special) that doesn't require some assembly :D. Or, if you're into chop type thingies, rather than sports bikes, the UK used to have a plentiful supply of basic custom bikes consisting of air-cooled Jap I4 motors in cheap hardtail frames. Check the ads in Back Street Heroes, where such things used to appear in quantity. Of course, neither approach will get you either an instruction manual or, indeed, a guaranteed complete and properly functional motorcycle, but sometimes that's just a cross one has to bear :D.
  12. Does that still apply when it's a box of parts and not a vehicle? If so, I wonder if they have a minimum percentage of a whole vehicle for it to be considered such. "No sir, that's not a bike, it's just 49.9% of the parts for one".
  13. Yep. Still applies if it looks even remotely like it's going to turn into a vehicle. Sure, Customs don't look in every box but if they do they'll be calling Imports before they'll release your stuff.

    Be warned, too, that there are some very perceptive and knowledgeable people working at DoT and whilst some will give the benefit of the doubt some won't, and most of them can spot if you're taking the piss.

    I'm not saying don't chance it; just that if you do the chances of being caught out are higher than you might think.

    Best to stick with stuff that's pre-89, already here or that you've checked with Imports first.
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