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Bugs on leather?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Has anyone got any tips for getting dried bug juices and thier rotting exoskeletons off my jacket?

  2. Yup winter is almost here , wait till it rains and go for a ride :p
  3. they're a good source of protein... leave them on and eat them when things get desperate
  4. when you look at it that way with bugs then the leather is just seasoned aged mutton / kangaroo strips / beef jerky!! :LOL:
  5. Okay Wedge, serious answer from me, just use warm soapy water. :grin:

    I also condition my leather every couple of months to keep it clean, water repellent and supple :eek: :grin:
  6. Yeah as much as i appreciate the tips for using bugs as a source of protien its always good to know how to get rid of the little buggers.
    Cheers cruisingal, may the bug be with you :grin:
  7. I use one of the MOTHERS products, leather cleaner / conditioner.

    You spray it on, leave it for a minute or two, and wipe off.

    Its around $30 at motorcycle shops, or $20 at SupercheapAuto.
  8. Bugs off leathers

    Go to a saddlery store and buy some glycerine soap.
    Warm water and this will clean you leathers well.

    Then condition then well, with a conditioner of your choice.

    PS Don't worry about the bugs, they blend in anyway.
  9. I just put my jacket on backwards and ride faster to get them off.
  10. send them to me...
    bought bike can't afford food :) as long as i can feed the beast
  11. I use the ArmorAll Leather Wipes (One-step-cleans & Protects). You can get them from the supermarket and they are quick and easy to use.
  12. So many bug cleaning tips and so many bugs to try them on, cheers guys
  13. bwaahaaaaa no good for you bob winter dosnt happen in coffs , im sooooooooooooo Jealouse
  14. I use baby oil to clean my wallet (which gets suprisingly dirty), never had a leather jacket to try it on
  15. Aw Bugger :LOL:
  16. Errrm.....never tried cleaning mine :oops: .......adds character :wink:
  17. A bit of spit and any rag I find i use.
    Ussually my sock or jocks