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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I guess it had to happen some time, and today was the day;

    Travelling to work in the rain this morning around 6:30am turned left off Narre North Rd and headed up Wellington Rd towards Rowville.

    Two slow moving trucks doing around 15kph and struggling to get up the hill in the left hand lane so myself and the Magna behind me took the right hand lane to overtake .. and that's when it all went wrong.

    The bastard second truck pulled into the right hand lane to overtake the first truck, and left me with no where to go on a wet slippery oil soaked piece of shitty road.

    I was braking and sliding towards the arse of the truck and finished up putting the bike down and spinning up the road on my left hand side.

    bike = fairing, bars, pegs, topbox

    Me = dislocated thumb, sore knee and skin missing from the elbow.

    Truck = didn't stop the bastard

    Good News = engine, frame & tank all good.

    I've had time to have a bit of a think about it and on reflection, it may have been my lucky day, was I riding to the conditions .. probably not. :facepalm: .

    There is a ditch running beside the road too and if I had of spun off into that I could have been ejected off the bike and into the scrubbery or something more solid. I did get a chance to look at that road while I was waiting for the rescue trailer, and it is abso"bloody"lutely covered in oil.

    Looks like I will be getting to know my bike a little better during the repair process.

    bugger of a way to start the day though.
  2. Damn, no good man. Good to see youre ok. Ive been cut off by big trucks a few times before, now i always just steer clear of 'em. They are big we are small. Live and learn my friend.

    Any insurance?
  3. Hey Nobby, commiserations bro.

    Dam dam dam! Bugger to read about the off and the injuries - thankfully it wasn't worse.

    Wanna join the DAC (Diesel appreciation club)? Go right ahead.

    BTW, did the magna stop??
  4. Damn Nobby,

    Glad you're not to badly injured and the bike is repairable.

    Wishing you all the best for the recovery
  5. That sucks dude. I'm always wary of trucks on the highway shuffling for position because I know they don't have a great deal of visibility especially to the rear and often seem to prefer to change lanes rather than downshift regardless of whether there's someone in that lane or not.
  6. Thanks for the invite Rob, funny I wondered what DAC stood for .. and yeah the lady in the Magna stopped and blocked traffic while I collected the bits that fell off the bike, (including me)

    and Rob .. you know I'm normally very vocal about letting people wear whatever they want to wear when riding, but today I would like to thank Messrs Nolan, Dririder, Draggin, Thomas Cooke & Bleap for their outstanding helmets, jackets, jeans, boots & gloves..
  7. ah damn mate, that a bit of bad luck.... as i was riding in today i was thinking geez these roads look slippery.... glad to hear you are mostly ok.

    Hopefully you knee heals quickly

    cheers stewy
  8. Really really sorry to read of your off Nobby . Hope the bike gets put back together quickly and you are feeling tops asap.
  9. no good nobby. pleased you're in one piece mate and lived to ride another day :wink:
  10. Yup got full insurance but am thinking of fixing it myself and not damaging my no claim bonus.
  11. Argh!...Nobby!...you got caught out of position, mate. :(
    The good news is, that YOU are relatively aok...And it sounds like the Bike just has superficial wounds...Live to ride another day, mate!.
  12. Errr... so just stay behind them at 15km/hr??

    Not good, Nobby, but glad you're not too badly injured.
  13. Noooo, not good Nobby. Really glad your in one piece and hope both you and zzr make a quick and full recovery.
  14. grrrr.... how rude :( bloody trucks... that's when we all need a 'Bond' bike complete with missile launcher! :demon:

    hope ur thumb and elbow heal quick!!!
  15. hey man, glad your OK.

    and yep i wouldnt be too mad at the truck because chances are he would have stopped if he knew what had happened.

    good luck with the repairs. i'm sure you'll learn heaps in the rebuilding process.

  16. nope they wouldn't, i learnt this from my father who also drives trucks, 9 out of 10 times the truck will not stop, unless the truck is physically involved, they have a tendency to be on something unfortuantely, although not every driver is a pill popping speed freak, that they would rather avoid any police confrontation then stop to see if every thing is alright

    bad luck with the off mate, hopefully every thing will be back together soon, and you will be out enjoying the bike again soon
  17. Glad to see you are ok mate, but you said it yourself..

    Were you riding to the conditions, wet slippery road???? NOPE!
    You have hopefully learned a valuable, and no doubt expensive lesson.
  18. Glad to hear you're relatively okay mate. Heal up quick.
  19. Shit Nobby, that sucks big time. :( Glad to hear you're ok mate. Let's hope the bike fixed up quickly for you. :)
  20. Quick I had better start finger pointing too and remind you that you were doing the wrong thing,and you will live and learn , blah blah blah. It was slippery, you came off, end of story. These things happen, no point reminding someone they made an error :roll: I hope youre not too sore hun , what a shame that your lovely ZZR isnt too lovely at the moment. Lucky its only cosmetic. And yes very glad you didnt end up in the ditch. Heal Quick!