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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Owen, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Well just got busted by an 'off-dutie' police officer for speeding like 5 mins ago. He basically took my licence details and my mobile number and said he would give me a call tomorrow when he was back on dutie.


    Can cops do anything when they arent on dutie? Not sure what i should have done so i just complied.
    I asked him if was gonna send me a fine or some shit but he said we would discuss it tomorrow. He then started to blab statistics about rider deaths etc.

    Happened to anyone else?
  2. Umm, NO, that sounds a bit wierd.
    He cant prove you were speeding without a radar!
    How much over the limit were ya?
  3. Yeah surely when they are off-duty a cop can't bust you. Firstly they wouldn't have a recorded speed, so you could just deny it. Still it all sounds abit sus, maybe he was just trying to scare you a bit... I guess just play it by ear tomorrow.
  4. It was a 60 zone and i was easy 20 over, maybe closer to 100.
    Just figured i would act all nice so he doesnt act like a cock and try and book me. Was damn weird. Will let you know what happens.
  5. Yeah and pretty screwed up too.
  6. How did he pull you over?
  7. Did you ask to see his id or did you just take his word ? And was in or out of uniform.
  8. how did he pull you over? was he following in a car? how did he get you to stop?

    im sure speed would be hard to prove if there is no record of it. not sure what the legalities are, but perhaps rather than speeding he might try and get you for dangerous riding or similar?
  9. Hey buddy he cant fine u for a fact, cause he has not got sufficient eveidence and also it will come down to ur word aganist his. I had the same thing for my car pulled me over and said the same spill but got nothing in the end. All they can really do is that if he pulled u over he would had called another police car that was on duty in the area to fine u besides that ur safe mate. :wink:
  10. As long as he's got his 'freddie' on him, he's a cop. 24/7. But you'll need to give us more details about how he busted you to see if was legit.
  11. Sounds just light he wants to give you a bit of a fright. When he calls you I'm sure he'll just lecture for a little bit, probably just easiest to be very 'yes officer'ish and you won't be fined or anything.
  12. On duty or off duty he's still a cop with all the power that goes with that. But like someone said, unless he got a verifiable speed reading you should be in the clear and he was just putting the wind up you. I was pulled over in the cage years ago, passing a few cars at up to 150, the cop caught me after I'd slowed. He said he didn't get a reading on me but he had trouble catching me. Warned me and off I went.

    Short version of the above, I wouldn't be too concerned.
  13. Assuming he is a legit cop, you are gone. For him to be bothered pulling you over while off duty for a traffic matter suggests you were doing something a pretty silly at least in his eyes. He will have made notes, explaining the basis of how he judged your speed. As he doesn't have hard evidence, most likely the alleged speed will be less than what you were doing. The most likely reason he didn't book you last night is that he is reviewing the charge to see if it will stick. Good luck though..
  14. uniform/no uniform - off duty - theres no such thing. Police can (and in some situations must) call themselves on duty at any time. and yes a speeding fine can be issued (although it will be at a lower rate generally), and other fines can also be imposed. people say you need have sufficient evidence to have a ticket issued, Police observations is fairly sufficent, how can you explain tickets being issued for various driving/riding offences such as not stoping at stop sign, not indicating, illegal turn etc etc etc. theres a million of them that is done on the officers observations
  15. Correct doesn't matter if he is off duty, he is a sworn member of police and does not need to be "on duty" to issue a fine. The one thing that he has on his side is your admission of your speed. First thing i am sure he asked you is what is your reason for doing that speed. Or he will just make out like he knew how fast you were going and ask why were you being so silly for going that fast. Any admission you give, can and will be used against you.

    Obviously it will be at his discretion if he sends you a ticket.
  16. What chef and others have said is correct. Remember, before radar and amphometers, police used to follow vehicles and match pace (still do). apart from certification of his speedo, if it was his private car, he can proceed. He may just be a good cop and giving you a fright - you commited the crime, do the time. Be courteous and polite and you may be ok.
    Good Luck.
  17. To clear stuff up. He caught me later on when i had slowed down, he even admitted to speeding to catch me, said it was his right as a cop to do so. He drove allong side me and flashed his badge and pointed to pull over. He wasnt in uniform and he wasnt in a police vehicle. Said he was from some traffic section so he was "the worst type of cop to get busted by". I wasnt riding dangerously apart from the speed, and he was just another cop on a power trip.

    Also, not really sure what SA police badges look like, it was just a silver star type medal, no photo ID or anything to go with it. Sound suspect?
    And why would someon pose as a cop like that if he wasnt a real one.
  18. Mate sounds a bit dodgy. I don't think the SAPOL badge would be a star type. Looking on their website I'd say it would be similar to their shoulder patches. Also a police badge will also have a warrent card with it (photo ID). The badge by itself means nothing. Photo ID needs to back it up. Hell it could have been some wanker security guard especially with the "I'm allowed to speed" comment. Thats just wrong, off duty cops in private vehicles speeding around? Can you imagine the crap they would be in if they had an accident? I don't reckon too many cops would be keen on getting the sack over a speeding bike.

    I'd report it to the local cops. Just say you were riding along minding your own business when a "Cop" pulled you over. Say you were sus etc.

    My 2c
  19. yeah it all sounds weird. from wat i read it sounds like sum dodgy guy trying to get people to slow down. if he didnt have any foto id then i wuldnt be worried. if sumthing does come of it just ask wat evidence they have if they got none just deny it. if they have some then it bad luck.

    i wuldnt report it. just forget bout it till u get a phone call.. :p
  20. i wouldnt pull over if someone flashed their badge. Only time im pulling over if there are red and blue lights. you never know who it is. Could be some pyscho wanting to steal your bike. Safer to just keep on the bike.