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Bugger :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. There was talk about this dealership in th recent weeks.
    Condolences to family and friends.

    Death at 150km/h in Ferrari
    Shannon McRae and Mark Buttler
    July 27, 2006 12:00am
    A DREAM ride in a red Ferrari turned into a 150km/h double tragedy in a horror highway smash yesterday.
    Police believe the Ferrari was 70km/h over the limit seconds before it hit a tree and disintegrated. 
    Investigators are seeking the driver of a high-performance car with orange racing stripes seen in the area at the time of the collision. 
    Killed were father of four Paul Estcourt, 33, from Wandin North, and a 22-year-old Traralgon woman who had travelled to Melbourne's eastern suburbs to deliver a new motorcycle to him. 
    Police said that as she handed over the motorcycle the woman admired his Ferrari coupe and he offered her a ride. 
    But he lost control of the powerful Italian sports car going east along the Warburton Highway at Lilydale and hit the tree. 
    The Ferrari was torn to pieces and Mr Estcourt and his passenger died about 12.40pm. 
    Officers from the major collision investigation unit remained at the scene last night examining the wreckage and other evidence of what had happened. 
    Locals said cars regularly broke the 80km/h limit on the stretch of road where the car crashed. Police want to talk to the driver of a late-model silver Ford Falcon sedan with orange racing stripes seen in the area before the smash. 
    They yesterday blasted drivers who ignored warnings about speeding. 
    Sen-Sgt Trevor Ashton, of Lilydale police, said the deaths were an unnecessary and horrific tragedy. 
    "It's quite traumatic for members when we have to attend these things. It's very disappointing when you've got strong media campaigns and community awareness and you work hard with your local community," he said. 
    Sen-Sgt Ashton said the chain of events was especially unlucky for the passenger, who did not know  Mr Estcourt. 
    "She's come down from Traralgon for a delivery and it's by sheer chance she's ended up in that vehicle. It's somehow finished up that she'd gone for a drive in the Ferrari and this has unfortunately taken place. It shouldn't happen." 
    Sen-Sgt Ashton appealed for anyone in the Falcon seen in the area to help with their investigation. 
    Devastated family friends of the Estcourts, Wendy and Santanna Thomas, rushed to the scene and were horrified by what they saw. 
    Ms Thomas said Mr Estcourt's death was a tragedy for his young daughters and family. 
    She said he was a man who loved extreme sports. 
    "It's just awful. He certainly lived life to the full. The motor sports thing was a real family thing. He used to do it with his girls," she said. 
    Ms Thomas said the stretch of highway where the accident happened was a notorious spot for speeders. 
    "This is a shocking piece of road," she said. 
    Warburton Highway resident Anna MacGowan said she was distressed to find twisted metal strewn over the road when she came to investigate a loud bang. 
    "I live 150m from where it happened and usually hear very little so it must have been a very strong impact for me to have heard it," she said. 
    Workmates of the young woman, from Traralgon Motorcycles, were too upset to comment publicly last night. 
    They said her family in Queensland had been told the terrible news. 
    The double fatality took the state's road toll to 177, 29 fewer than at the same time last year. 
    Witnesses to the smash or anyone with information on the Ford being sought by police are urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  2. OMG, this is terrible news.

    My husband worked with the owners of Traralgon MC for 8 years, and I am in shock....I was only talking to them yesterday!

    Thanks for the info Vic, I will be better prepared when I roll up for work today.

    Whether on two wheels or four, please take care out there peoples.

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. RIP, condolences to family, friends :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. Very sad, condolences. :(
  5. Bloody government twisting the truth. Speeding pushed like crazy as the cause of death ffs for profit. I'd have thought something along the lines of 'driving into a tree' was more on the mark. Terrible thing to happen.
  6. Well... The speed had, you know, a fair bit to do with the driving into a tree.

    Anyway, condolences.
  7. ^
  8. too early in the morning to read this kind of thing.

    very sad indead.

    Condolences to friends and family
  9. I would have thought that there was nowhere on the Warburton Highway where it was safe to do 70 km/h over the limit. I know from riding it last year after some years away that the amount of double unbroken line has increased dramatically, but the surface and road profile is much the same as it has always been.

    Tragic for the young lady who's one chance to have a ride in an exotic car has had such awful consequences.

    And just a note to the performance enthusiasts; this should remind us that high-speed equipment does not immunise against low-speed riders, or rogue circumstances.
  10. I hope that all involved find some peace.
  11. I heard it was some one from Traralgon killed :( dont ya just hate it.
  12. This is devastating news, and my condolences go out to the family and friends of all involved. :(
  13. Yeah, if the guy wanted to behave like a hoon, he could at least have stopped and let the poor young lady out.........
  14. I suspected this may have been the result of racing when I saw it on the news last night. Really is a shame that such a pointless act cost two people their lives - is it really worth risking your life just to try and prove something to a complete stranger.
  15. Sorry to hear of the innocent death, but I hope the driver waas the idiot in a V8 ute who overtook me over double lines well over the speed limit on that road last summer.
  16. As the saying goes, stupid kills.
  17. Unfortunately no one deserves to die, least of all at work, which was what this lady was doing.

    I live in Lilydale and was home yesterday when this happened. It explained the helicopter hovering for ages over that part of the town, along with the sirens and crews. Warby highway was closed for many hours yesterday while they did all the checking and cleanup.

    I second Paul's comments. That particular stretch is relatively straight, but there is no where on that road where 150+ speeds are safe.

    Apart from the poor girl and her family, the guy has left 4 children and a young wife.

    I rarely comment on these threads, but this is truly tragic for so many people.
  18. That's a friggen terrible thing to say!
  19. Sorry Josh - the guy tried to kill me I hope he is dead.