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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Miraz, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Beautiful moonlit night, last night....stunning ride along the beaches, followed by dinner at a nice Mexican place overlooking the surf.

    Just paid the bill, gearing up to head outside when waitress pops up to tell us that she thinks someone has just knocked the bikes over :-(

    Sure enough some dozy prat has reversed into the bikes and played an expensive game of dominos on the street outside.

    Damage is worse than it should have been as the bikes have caught on each other as they fell...I'm up for a new set of fairings, pegs, exhaust, screen and a few other bits - other bike isn't much better off.

    At least the driver is being good about it, and is insured....but some shit I could really do without :-(

  2. Good to hear that it wasn't a hit and run. Sorry to hear about the damage :'(
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  3. Bugger, alright!
    Hope it gets sorted quickly.
  4. Damn Geoff no wonder you're wanting me to get that shock off you already!

    Hope it isn't too bad and the insurance company is speedy in their resolution!

    Will chat/see the damage this weekend.
  5. Not good mate but at least they didn't bugger off. What Mex place by the surf?
  6. Mexicano in Malcolm St, Narrabeen......highly recommended!
  7. Cool... haven't been to a Mexican place since TexMex closed down.
  8. You will need to book, it's a bit more Mexican than Texan....

  9. Was gonna say, obviously wasn't in dee why if the driver hung around :p
  10. There was no way he was leaving the scene without providing details....I got photos of the bikes on the ground under his car, photos of his license, a video of him admitting liability, several witnesses that were sitting outside on the pavement next to the bikes....

    Which is just as well, because I got a call during the week asking if I could tell my insurance company that I didn't get his details as he drove away if he offered to pay my excess! Sounded like his credit card had bounced an insurance payment, and he might not actually be covered.

    Swann approved over $5k worth of repairs yesterday, and I've got the bike back with a new screen and exhaust hanger whilst we wait for the rest of the parts to come in.

    Whilst there is a bit of aggravation involved, it should all work out well....the only downsides of this bike when I bought it were the tatty paintwork and a couple of dings in the exhaust....all of which will be sorted out as part of this repair.
  11. Very sorry to hear this Miraz !
    I hope your bike is sorted out quickly mate.
  12. It's just lots of cosmetic stuff - will leave it as it is for the next few weeks...

    waiting for:-
    - nose cone
    - both mirrors
    - RH fairing
    - wheel fairing
    - ducktail
    - some of the fairing brackets and pegs
    - complete Carbon 4-2-1 Akra exhaust system
    - Tank respray
    - New Carbon Tank Bra

    I'm going to get the one remaining fairing resprayed whilst they are doing the tank, so it should look pretty good by the time it is all done.
  13. Decided to change the colour at the same time, starting to come together now...

  14. Good luck with everything,would have horrified you seeing your bird down,have a 01 myself wich im paranoid about whenever parked,cheers.