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Bugger - new bike rear ended after only 2 days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tc2233, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. I was out on a practise ride with a more experienced mate today and got a rear end shunt from a 4-wheel tank that was enough to flip the bike out from under me.

    I'm ok, just a graze on one knee. Shook me up more than anything. Icon Field Leg Armour on order now though :)

    Bike is not really damaged much either, rear indicator, rear guard bent up, scratches from drop on exhaust, right mirror and brake lever.

    Shame, brand new bike, only just got it on Sat https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=67618

    AAMI deemed the bike unrideable though (probably because of indicator) and sent a tow truck to cart if off already :? I hope they dont take forever to get it fixed up!

    The non-riding friends and rellies with their "I told you so"'s I can ignore. The bigger problem I may have will be my wife losing confidence. We only just got our learners together a week ago and I hope she doesnt give up learning to ride before she has given it a chance.
  2. Sorry to here you were hit mate.

    What were the circumstances that lead you to being hit from behind?
  3. Wow, even car drivers don't like Hyosungs.
  4. Thanks rob. I was turning right at a T intersection, took off slow and steady (bit of a hill start for me) and obviously not fast enough for the 4wd behind me. Driver said didnt see me over the bonnet but I suspect they were looking left and deciding they could duck in front of an approaching car.

    I'm sure if I were more experienced and therefore quicker on the take off it would have been avoided, but still. This was all in quiet back streets and quieter time of the day for me to get some experience.

    I was joking with my mate afterwards about getting a flag on the back of the bike to make me visible over the 4wd bonnets :LOL:

  5. The driver didn't see you over the bonnet???? :roll:

    That doesn't seem to compute to me.

    How did you end up infront of the fourwheel drive without the driver seeing you. Presumably you were both stopped at the intersection waiting for the traffic to let you turn??? He must have driven up to the intersection and pulled up behind you right?

  6. Yeah thats right, they pulled up behind me and were turning right too. They obviously knew I was there but were not watching where I was when they took off.
  7. Serious note:
    Devastated to hear that you were shunted by a myopic tank driver so soon after picking up your new ride, relieved and ecstatic to hear that you're relatively unhurt.

    Far from serious note:
    Please don't put a flag on your bike - there's a trial effort currently underway to make postie bikes more visable by coating them in hi-viz yellow with the inclusion of :eek: a friggin' flag!

    Watch this space as I may have to take a pic and post it.
  8. Ouch. Just after you got your new bike as well.

    Nothing hurt otherwise except your pride (and joy)?
  9. They should get their licence pulled.
  10. I agree 100%.

    sorry to hear about your encounter with nob head #1, but as others have said glad to hear you walked away from it unscathed.
  11. I had a similar thing happen to me only I was waiting to turn left at a stop sign while on my Ls, the woman said she did see me but she still hit me - go figure. Dont let it put you off riding, I got straight back on and have not looked back since. Dont blame yourself for not taking off quick enough either, I assume you took off at a time and pace that you were comfortable with - nothing wrong with that. The fault here is 100% on the 4wd, I assume since you got towed the police werre called? Since the bike is so new you should get everything replaced rather than repaired - I had <1000km on mine and the mechanic did this for me so it was still a new bike after the repair :)
  12. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, really appreciated! Was starting to feel a bit more deflated today, but that's probably withdrawal symptoms of no bike :(

    No aches or pains though so that's good, and I'm told the bike will be fixed up with new parts, so am looking forward to that new bike feeling....again :)

    Has my wife wondering if she we ever be up to riding on the road herself, but I've said we can stick to the car parks as long as she needs. We will get along to some NR learner sessions one day.
  13. Oh my, I hadnt heard this one yet...

    I know they have had the hi-viz pannier bags on trial.. but now flags etc :shock:
  14. Just interested 'tc' as you didnt answer.............
    were the police called and was the other driver charged...??
    They should have attended.......your bike was unrideable/ had to be towed
  15. No police weren't called, didn't feel it necessary. I actually road the bike home with friend following as it was only a couple of quiet streets over anyway.

    It was the insurance company that decided to tow it from my place later to get it assessed.
  16. What safety gear were you wearing?
  17. Up top helmet, gloves and padded motodry jacket.

    Down low leather boots but only normal jeans, which I knew were not good enough, but now I've seen from even such a low speed off how crap they would be in any slide. I've had a pair of draggins on back order and I'm sure they will be in before I get the bike back.

    I was also intending to get a set of Icon leg armour after reading through https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=66725 which I have now ordered.
  18. Incredible ....

    However given the lack of faith I have in the general public's driving ability .. not super surprised .....

    Sorry to hear about it tc, get some leathers and get back on asap

    if you really want just armour I have pretty-much-new dainese knee v's I wouldn't mind getting rid of, let me know
  19. Given my "other other" bike is a GQ Patrol, (The last of the ones you can wash out with a pressure washer), I can safely say that "I couldn't see you" is more bullshit then a pollie in the lower house.

    Just remember, though a dickhead just wrote off your hyo, as Davo from farriders says; It's just a road! Don't be afraid for your special lady either; She'll hit the road when she's good and ready.
  20. similar thing happened to me a couple years back :( - long story short I was hit travelling straight down a suburban street @ 50 kms where this idiot turned out at a T-Intersection(without head checking i assume).. my baby didnt come out too well.. total write off :(

    sorry to hear about the accident mate and the most important thing is that you are sitting there typing up this post to post this