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Bugger - forgot my visor.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by El Damo, May 15, 2008.

  1. When I got to work this morning I discovered that I'd left my clear visor at home (rode in with the tinted one like I do most mornings). Unfortunately I don't leave work until after it gets dark and an iridium visor is less than helpful.

    A lunchtime trip to the nearest hardware store proved fruitless. Actually, worse than fruitless. As they didn't have any of the spectacle-type clear safety glasses, Captain Stupid bought goggles - the kind that are held on with an elastic strap. By the time I realised the problem I didn't have enough lunchtime left to go back. For those who haven't already twigged, if the goggles go on first, they get pushed down around your neck when the helmet goes on. If the helmet goes on first the goggles won't stay in place because the strap can't go over your head. OK, so the strap could go around the helmet, but I wouldn't trust it not to slip or break at an inconvenient moment (would any moment be convenient for that?).

    In the end I risked a trip sans eye protection for a few Ks to the nearest Bunnings after work, bought some safety specs (the kind with arms that you can put on like sunnies) and used them for the rest of the trip home. I decided it was probably best to avoid the freeways.

    That was not an experience I'd care to repeat. I have already made sure that my clear visor is safely in the bag for tomorrow morning.[/u]
  2. ive rode home from a biker bar atleast 40kms in a 80% tint visor before :shock: yes i could have flicked it up, but then your eyes get attacked by 200kmh mozzies!
  3. Did the same once... learnt my lesson, and I hate carrying spare visors anyway. I don't use a tinted visor any more; clear visor with sunnies inside. I wonder if we can get 'transition' visors like those prescription glasses that change tint according to the lighting available?
  4. You'll be caught out more than once.
    Buy yourself decent sunny's and use a clear visor.
  5. Or have a clear visor and a half visor that is tinted :) I like my Nolan!
  6. Do you find it useful? I find it only as useful as a sun visor is in a car, certainly would not substitute sunnies. The main problem is that when fully down the edge is right in my eyeline and the edge distorts!
  7. If I get caught with my tinted visor on I usually either deal with the darkness or with the wind.. If I'm in lit up places it isn't so bad, not sure what the % is on it though.
    I have some great Fox sunnies that I use otherwise, although its kind of pointless because putting the clear visor over means that the polarisation on both lenses clashes and I get headaches from everything that reflects, reflecting in rainbow because it's tough to focus... not cool. Alright when you look at cars though, funky colours! :p
  8. Oddly enough I was googling around yesterday and found that FogCity (and a few other brands) make light-sensitive tinted inserts for visors.

    I can't find any actual visors that do it... But an insert's good enough right?

    I've done the tinted-visor-get-out-of-work-a-few-hours-later-than-usual thing once. Rode for 5 minutes on the freeway before I got pissed off by all the dust/debris from other vehicles hitting my face. Pulled over, got out my work safety glasses (gotta love being an engineer) and rode with 'em on. :grin:
  9. No issue (mostly) in summer ... tinted all the way. Can't wear clear visor and sunnies, as the arms pressing agains my head give me a nasty and lasting headache - tried various types and desing, all with the same result.

    Tried the Nolan with half size tinted visor - actually bought the helmt ... same problem as Rybky ... annoyed and distracted me so much, that I chucked a u-turn, brought the helmet back and insisted on an exchange.

    I'd love something along the lines of what say_what suggested ... a proper transition visor. Until then, the visor pouch with the spare is a permanent fixture inside the bag on the rack ... as well as the wet gear. Guess I'm trusting in the "honesty amongst bikers" thing ... so far so good ... touch wood :grin:
  10. My tail bag lives on the bike. As soon as I swap visors the other goes back into the tailbag. Haven't been caught short yet ;)
  11. Put on the goggles, then lift them up to your forehead keeping the strap in place.
    Put on you helmet bringing the goggles down into place as the helmet goes on (Essentially keeping them in line with the viewport in the helmet.
    It will take some fiddling but I can’t see why it wont work if you put in the effort.
  12. +1 with my tank bag.
    Got one of then groovy visor carriers from UK ebay for less than $20 posted, before that I used a pillow case :cool:
  13. doesn't really work for those of us that need prescription glasses ;)
  14. I used to ride at night with an irridium. Too easy.
    Grab yourself a cheap pair of yellow safety glasses and toss them in your jacket pocket.
    Works a treat.
  15. Mate in an emergency you can use some clear contact (the type you cover your books with).

    Just cut it to overlap the visor opening and strech it across. It will lats you long enough to get home. And won't fog up either.
  16. Mmm, medium-impact ballistic-rated contact. :LOL:
  17. Asked my Optometrist about this one - because of the curve of the visor the transition wouldn't be uniform, so it wouldn't be safe - kind of like riding with greasy stripes running down the visor :(
  18. learn to ride with a tinted visor at night. i do it all the time, and i use a poxy streetfighter light with bugger all range or spread. let your eyes adjust to the light conditions, and ride a bit slower.
  19. Not allowed to use a tinted visor after dark in Qld, I think... or so my husband tells me!
  20. Thats the next best thing to riding with your eyes shut. No hope for some I guess if you think thats being safe :roll: