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Bugger! Carpark drop... oggy nobs are wonderful!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Yep - It was my turn....

    Obviously my stand wasnt *quite* engaged when I parked up at work this morning and the bike just went down as I got off....

    I've lost my Left side wing mirror, and the Left footpeg snapped off a bit - but paintwork is untouched.

    Theres a hint of a scratch on the gearbox cover and a tiny dusting on the end of the handlebar.

    Iritating yes, but ultimately it could have been much worse! No problems with fairing, tank paintwork or tail....

    Anyone know a good place to purchase replacement mirrors and footpegs?
  2. If it makes you feel better, I did a 'slow mo' drop in my very own backyard, moved the bike with only thought to Sam Stoser doing so well in her first set agains Willams, let the bike go and 'as you know' the weight got heavier and fark it, stand wasnt down enough, I tumbled like a ninja lol and thank god for oggies, picked the bike up almost effortlessly thanks to them. Mind you reckon I stretched or torn a muscle [I thought I didnt have any] as I tried to take the weight as it came down. stood her up again, re adjusted the mirror, fired her up, couldnt get neutral tho so ween through the gears a couple of times and viola!! dented pride for me, sorry to hear yours cost you dollar wise tho.
  3. Just spoke to Teammoto about the cost of parts:

    1 mirror: $169
    1 footpeg: $109.97

    FARRRK?! Gotta be a better way that that! - at that rate if I include the tiny scratch to the gearbox cover and the pinhead mark on the end of the handlebars it almost justifies an insurance claim and the $400 excess!
  4. I did the msae the other day taking off the rear stand. Started to topple the other way. Onyt a broken brake lever, Oggys took the rest. 70 bucks later and it never happened...
  5. I had the same issue with my bike, Suzuki wanted something ridiculous for indicators and mirrors. Thankfully I found OEM parts on Ebay for half of what they were asking. A couple of quick searches below
  6. definatley ebay if you can, save half if not more!!
  7. eBay rocks....

    $25 for mirrors, GBP10 for footpegs!

    I may have to wait a week or so before I'm back but it sure beats handing over $270 to daylight robbers in the dealership!