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bugatti veyron doing 407 kph

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jasonw, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. http://www.glumbert.com/media/bugatti'>Bugatti Veyron vs. The Road
    this thing is awesome and look how relaxes he is

  2. I bet if you parked one of these at Southbank or Darling Harbour, some bogan would key it....
  3. That was amazing. And they got James to do it! :LOL:

    When he hit 407 I was half expecting it to become like the DeLorean in Back to the Future and disappear in a big flash and two firey tyre tracks. Not THAT would have been cool.
  4. Nah, they'd probably think it was already ugly enough.
  5. If I had the keys to one of those the only time it would stop is to re-fuel, there would be no parking anywhere, that's for sure.
    I have friends who took a XR6 Turbo to 307kmh, but it was floating all over the road. I think that is the biggest feat of this car, the way it handles at that speed.
    Clarkson also mentioned the other day on the show that they are 850,000pounds but they cost Volkswagen 5million pounds to make, it's apparently a technical excercise only. :shock:
  6. Definately, that's because it's a car designed from the outset to do that speed - not a family sedan designed for 100kph with an engine that can push it to 300 (and I'm guessing your friend wasn't running "Y" rated tyres either). I reckon a lot of Veyrons are destined to spend most of their time locked in a garage, quite likely they're going to be worth a lot of money given the current trend of manufacturers away from performance vehicles.
  7. just looked up some specs
    250mph to 0 in 10 seconds :shock:
    100 liters of fuel in 12 min (flat out) :shock:
    tyres 1800 pounds each :shock:
    cost to make 5 mill :shock:
    cost to buy 800 000 :)
    the company is prepared to make a loss :?
  8. Yeah and they can't even overcharge for spare parts - since the engine's basically just two Audi V8s welded together.
  9. You missed the 1 set of Obscenely expensive tires in 50 minutes (flat out) [​IMG]
    Except that you would run out of fuel before you got there :LOL:
  10. I was under the impresion that it is a custom designed W 16 totaly unique to the Veyron
  11. Nope, the Top Gear boys said it was two V8s siamesed together to make a W16.
  12. Bugattis are one of my favorite cars, the company had some great stuff in the early days, like the T53.
    Built around 1930 - 32, 5 liter, supercharged, 300Hp, all wheel drive.

    It was probably a pig to drive but what a machine for it's era

  13. One of our fellow Netriders actually once owned a Bugatti.

    There is a Bugatti Veyron thread, which unfortunately got butchered in the last days of the old server, but Incitatus posted a pic of his good self in his old Bugatti. Sadly the car is no more, having been destroyed in a hotel fire in Las Vegas some years after it passed from his ownership....
  14. And don't forget the ill-fated EB110 which was the world's fastest production car, for all of about two weeks (released just before the McLaren F1). Although my favourite Bugatti would have to be the Atlantique:
  15. The W16 is running around europe in a couple of different Audis for the last 6 odd years at least. There is a very limited no. of them produced from memory.
  16. Dude, for £800,000 it has freakin' inbuilt ninjas!
  17. Last weeks TopGear episode with the Veyron was impressive especially because Clarkson didn't say one bad thing about the car - that's a first. He was just gob-smacked about how fantastic it is and that's impressive considering he's driven almost all the exotica out there.

    p.s. Haggismaen, please change your Avatar, it's giving me nightmares. :shock:

    The Ric.
  18. Lol, I was just looking at it too. I was trying to work out whst they are over his eyes. Looks to me like those chicken fillet thingos that women stuff in their bras for extra lift.
  19. Nope


    I wouldn't take any technical comment the TG boys have to say about cars as fact. They brush over heaps of elements. There comments on it's engine is a good example.

    The Veyron's quad turbo 8ltr W16 engine is made from a pair of VW 4ltr W8 engines, used in the very poor selling Passat W8 4Motion. Though an older Bugatti concept had an 18 cylinder engine. Bugatti's website has them all on it.

    Nope, no W16 Audi road cars (there may have been some concepts) but they have used the VAG TT W12 engine (in the A8L W12) used elsewhere in the VW Phaeton and Bentley Conti GT
  20. i remember reading about a fitter an turner who always wanted a v12 porsche and could never afford one, so he bolted 2 v6s together facing opposite ways. took him a few hours, took him like 2 years or something to get the crank right.