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Bug Vibe 50 vs Bolwell Red Devil 50 - which to buy?????

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by snailspace, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Bug Vibe 50

  2. Bolwell Red Devil 50

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  1. Hi There

    Been looking at scoots and have narrowed it down to these two..just looking for advice/tips/feedback from anyone who owns/ has ridden either of them as reviews anywhere online seem a bit scarce at this end of the market:

    Bug (Kymco) Vibe 50cc
    Bolwell (SYM) Red Devil 50cc

    Its for commuting to work (in Melbourne)... a flattish ride of about 15ks in 40-60 zones/heavyish traffic ...im not worried about going fast as long as i can do 60 with a little bit spare in reserve. for occasional hills...(i don't want to become a rolling roadblock on the rare occasions traffic does flow freely)..im skinny so reckon a 50 should do the trick and these two are both just about in budget.

    Ive tested the Bug and it seemed good, but i couldn't really open it up and i've heard they pretty much top out at 60....also i like the idea of the headlight being higher up so its above the level of your typical car bumper and visible in their rear mirrors....but then the Bolwells have the better rep for build quality...so hence i'm looking for some advice/feedback.

    incidentally being in Melb means i don't have to worry about restrictors - both shops sell without them and still honour the warrany (4 yrs on either one)..

    thanks in advance for any help...
  2. my wife has a blue devil ( same as red devil but blue :LOL: )
    from 0-60 its great even up slight hills, ask for anything more and it will struggle although it will get to 70 on the flat,
    great build quality
    starts first time everytime (3 years old now)
    handles bumps well
    easy read speedo
    great on fuel
    services are cheap
    bigger wheels than a lot of other scooters

    only bad point i can find with it is the under seat helmet storage, have not found a full face helmet that will fit
    thats all i can think of right now but im sure i have missed some things
  3. Thanx C_T...

    i think it's going to come down to the details...personally i found the speedo on the bug was easier to read...but the bug has a very fiddly indicator switch and no separate kill switch (you have to turn the key to turn it off)... there's a few other similar things ...

    the bug seems to have the better headlight set up (higher and turns with the wheel) but the Bolwell had much more obvious indicators which i reckon would be more visible to other road users...

    i've been reading the other posts and Red Devil seems pretty happy with his Bolwell...in fact i haven't read a bad thing about the Bolwells

    any Bug riders out there with good/bad feedback?...while i'm on it , any Bolwell horror stories?
  4. If you just want transport, your most important consideration should be reliability and availability/price of spares. Do not underestimate how great it is having something that never breaks down, and when it needs parts, is cheap and quick to fix.
    Everything else is a bonus.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Thx Typhoon...

    Its just transport for now... but i'm enjoying life on 2 wheels so far...so i can see myself getting seriously into it down the track...

    so yeah relability is crucial...but i'm gonna buy new and both have 4 yr warranties so you'd think that should be covered either way...

    anyway i'm gonna lurk for a few days and hopefully see if anyone has any tips on the relative reliability/ridability and everyday living with of either of these machines....more votes please!
  6. nothing against 50cc scoots, but if my memory serves me correctly, you need a bike license to ride a scoot in Melb, so why not get a 100 or 150cc scoot then you wont have any worries about it maxing out at 60.
  7. Tx Duffman...

    ...yep ur memory is correct and i have my L's...but to sum it up in one word the reason i'm sticking to a 50 is basically ...money.

    About the only 100 i can afford which has local support/availabilty is the Honda Lead 100...which i hear is not much good and only has a one year warranty (am i getting too hung up on these 4 yr warranties)

    i wanna buy new cos the second hand market is so hot right now yhat you save hardly anything...and if i'm gonna trust my life to this machine i don't wanna be buying someone else's problems!!
  8. I would take a Honda Lead 100 over almost any 50cc (and I don't even like hondas) :LOL:
  9. OK.

    I dont know what a Vibe is worth but a Red Devil is what? about $2,400 + ORC.

    Seriously i think you should look at second hand scooters of around 150cc. It will just give you so many more options. You can take it on highways and byways right around Melbourne instead of being restricted to your local area.

    If you buy smartly you wont have any problems with second hand. Just get it checked out and you'll be fine. Many will still be under some warranty anyway.

    Wait a few weeks (or a month or whatever) and save up the extra to push your budget up to $3,000.

    Check out some in trading post and bikesales.com.au

    Here - Bolwell Bella 125cc
    $3,200, only 2,000km, 2006 model.
    I'm sure with some strong negotiations you could get it for less than $3,000

    or this http://tinyurl.com/2crcqr

    or this http://tinyurl.com/23wkxh
    2006 Bolwell Ariba 125cc, 1900km

    Just saying there are options out there. You will be able to get a secondhand 125cc + scoot for less than 3g's and I reckon you would be much happier with it than a 50cc one.