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Bug splat and can't ride loan bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DisgruntledDog, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Bugger #1

    This morning I was talking my bike to get a service. I turned on to the main road, just reached 100kph and a fricken big bug went splat right in the middle of my visor. Scared the living crap out of me. I don't know what kind of bug it was but t was green on the inside. I just cleaned my visor too. :( Happy I was wearing a full face helmet.

    Bugger #2
    The Suzuki dealer rang a bit later and said they needed a part to finish my service and wouldn't be able to source one until Tuesday. They offered me a KTM 990 as a loaner till then. Sadly, I'm on my restricted licence so I can't ride it. :(

  2. ive heard the 990s are nice bikes... damn restrictions :LOL:
  3. Ooo - that second one *is* punishing!
  4. :LOL: I remember my first bug, scared the crap out of me too.....welcome to the glorious thrills of riding. Dont let it dry for too long, it gets harder to clean teh longer you leave it!

    Shame about #2, did they offer you a smaller bike? If not....RUDE! :evil:
  5. and what did u say to your bike?
    did the bike say anything back?

    sorry, just had to :grin:
  6. Albert park golf club

    Try getting a golf ball off your helmet coming back up off the road while riding on Kings Way past Albert Park Golf club.
  7. They did but I decided against doing the round trip to get it as it was only Honda CB250.

    Yes. We have a very special relationship.
  8. You should have called me ...

    I wouldn't mind riding a 990 for a couple of days, and you could borrow my 250!! Give me a call next time ... lol
  9. Peter stevens did that to me (about the loaner bike) asked if i had a licence i pulled it out and he said ok, then he asked if i was restricted.. (Sif be honest idiot) i said for a couple of months. the prick wouldnt even give me a lams bike!

    ohh well..
  10. I picked up my bike last night and the service manager said they now have a demo KTM 690 (it's really a 654cc bike) that I could have as a loaner next time my bike is in for a service. I got all excited till I got home and found out it's not LAMS compliant. :(
  11. Hi ..dog

    Where do you get your bike serviced, I am after a good dealer, especially if they offer a loaner.

  12. Boltons of Kyneton. Might be a bit far for you. Still, it's a nice ride from Broadmeadows to Wallen, Romsey, Hanging Rock to Kyneton.
  13. If it was mainly green inside, probably a grasshopper. They get quite big and very slimy. Biggest mess I find are the huge butterflies/moths. They are usually yellow inside.
  14. I would not mind going to that dealer for a service...

    Might go home via Broome or something :D
  15. The last thing that went through the bugs mind....... was its ass! :p
  16. Excellent. This means in time I will be an expert on identifying bugs based on the colour of their juices.