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Bug Jive brake fail

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Whitty, May 30, 2006.

  1. Been on other forums about this; My 2005 Bug Jive had the front disc break off from the hub at 4000kms. Rolled back over a traffic sensor, "clunk".. front disc freewheeling..no brakes. Scootopia Bris. replaced complete front wheel under warranty. Broken one appeared to be one piece hub/disc with no signs of weld. Replacement has obvious welding right around it. Quiet design fault correction perhaps??? Glad I wasn't under brakes for anything serious. Any thoughts?

  2. that is scary shit :shock:
  3. man thats bad!

  4. Thats a serious fault, obviously one that could have had dire consequenses. You are lucky.

    Have you thought about contacting the importer / manufacturer and letting them know what you think of their product?

    If it were me I'd be very pissed at them.
  5. Yes that is a serious fault indeed.

    I'd do what Pete suggested and let the importer know. Just in case others could have the same problem. Ya never know, it could help someone out before something nasty happens. The importer may well mention to dealers and they can ckeck bikes as they come in for services.
  6. An "omg i'm going to die" fault totaly unaccepatable.
  7. Yeah I'd be contacting the importer - though the dealer should have already done that. Though if the defect is as bad as it sounds you might want to consider reporting it here (doesn't appear to be a current safety recall though sounds like there perhaps should be).
  8. I got the feeling that Scootopia didn't want to make a big deal- might be bad for Bugs if word got around? Once again, the new wheel was obviously re-inforced, so I think I'm not the first. Otherwise the scoot is pretty good to me.
  9. there's welds around the disc where it connects to the hub on my 04 bandit ?? Strange .
  10. sounds pretty dodgy to me

  11. Try reporting your experience to your Fair Trading dept. The scooter might need a safety recall.
  12. *goes to thoroughly check his bug jive disc*
    10,000km so far and it hasn't snapped and killed me. Mind you, if I don't post for a while, just go ahead and assume it happened. :angel: