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Bug Espresso

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Duffman, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    While hanging around this morning, I had the opportunity to take a Bug Espresso for a short spin. Not the first time i'd ridden one of these, but the last time was 3 years ago.

    These have been around for ever, and to be honest the styling is starting to look a bit dated. The fact that these are still being sold is probably a fair indication that they are still selling in reasonable numbers. They came out back when scoots were starting to take off. They are based on a retro styled theme and thats probably their downfall these days because of other scoots like the Bug Orion (for example) which have moved to the sporty style.

    Right from the start, my previous opinion of the scoot was confirmed. I reckon this is one of the best value scoots on the market. Even with the increased competition of the last few years, this still holds true.

    I am a big fan of scoots with larger diameter wheels like the Espresso. Whilst you can get away with the really tiny wheels on 50cc'ers at low speeds, the higher capacity scoots do wonders with big wheels. Usually the big wheels all but eliminate any useful underseat storage but not with the Espresso, its still pretty good. Not sure that full face lids would easily fit, but theres plenty of room for you jacket and pants or your bag. The large wheels make steering at low speeds heaps easier because you dont get so much of that really light feeling from the handlebars when your going at walking pace. They also make it easier to hop over dips/bumps/curbs without stressing too much. In fact i happily ran up a few curbs to get to good parking spots.

    The scoot is great up to about 80km/hr. After that it will keep going, but power is limited. Still the odd freeway blast wouldnt be a problem. Pick up from the lights is decent. You'd have no trouble keeping ahead of the majority of cars in traffic.

    The other thing i love is that its slim. Slipping through and around traffic is THE number one reason I love scoots so wide cumbersome scoots somewhat defeat the purpose for me. This is a great scoot for filtering through traffic jams, and the good thing is that because its a 150cc, you wont be holding up the traffic when you do filter. I was perfectly confident filtering to the front of the traffic.

    With a bit of haggling and a keen dealer, you can ride away on one for $4,000, which i think makes it very good value. The big question for me is; is it worth $800 more than something like the Bolwell VS125? The answer is probably that it will come down to styling preference. I think the VS would win more fans because of its modern styling but personally i think the Espresso is the better scoot mainly due to the larger wheels but also a bit of extra engine power comes in handy. The styling seems to appeal to the ladies, which is not an entirely bad thing :wink:

    I'd say they're well worth considering if your in the market for a mid capacity (125/150cc) scoot and you like the retro style.

    edit - sorry, not much of a technical review.
  2. Your review is pretty spot on Duffman. When starting out in the skoot world I tried the Expresso. I bought the VS. Simply because as you say the styling.. I'm sporty not retro. And a Big factor was the 25 less ccs on the VS meant HALF the rego cost. And in Tas you pay as much for anything over 125cc as you do a car. Which can be crippling in a house hold with 2 cars, 2 bikes, boat, trailer etc. Once we went down to one car I was able to switch to a 500cc skoot. With beginners the 125cc cheaper rego really appeals.
  3. bug

    The bug espresso we got was pretty cheap 2800 if i remember.. My sister bought one i take it down the shops for a bit of fun pretty zippy although i wouldnt be goin long distance's on it..
  4. Hello zpfmini, welcome aboard. I thought I would keep my 125 for little trips about the place. But I found that my 500 zipped around just as easily and with more storage I can carry more. I think the thing that makes taking a bike round to the shops or through town is just as much about gears as it is storage. Which would explain why we take to skoot for those occasions and not the gsxr 1000!
  5. Coming from the dealer perspective, the Espresso is still one of our best selling scooters People around here still love the retro look (particularly the Ivory) and the big wheels are the difference. I have to say they have no real flaws and don't miss a beat.
  6. I went into the bug dealership at the top of Brunswick St to look at the scooters in there no so long ago. The store looks great when you walk in, what a shame that the staff don’t match the looks of the place. I was talking to the salesman called Daniel. After talking to him for a few minutes it became clear that he just didn’t have a clue about scooters at all. Pretty much all my questions were met with answers that just didn’t give me any confidence in what he was telling me was truthful or knowledgeable. In the end I walked away. Personally I wouldn’t go back there again.
  7. It must have been a while ago as Daniel hasn't worked there since January. It's now managed by a girl called Amy who is brilliant with her scooter knowledge and customer service. With so many unfriendly, sales driven shops around town there's nothing that comes close and it's open 7 days.
  8. aren't you one of those dealers who sends your scooters to Ultratune for servicing? :?
  9. I actually took all of my lessons and licensing on a Bug Espresso and thought it was pretty good, although this is me talking from about zero experience to compare it with.

    After shopping around, we also ended up going with the VS 125 as it just made more sense. That and it was about the only 125/150 that would actually fit one of our full face helmets under the seat. Quite happy with the choice.