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Bug Agility 125 fork oil ?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by eossys, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone know how much fork oil a Bug Agility 125 will take and teh best type for a rider of about 90K ?

    Any gotcha's when changing oil ?

    I saw a howto on the site here somewhere, but now cant find it again even with the search function :(

    I guess I should ask if the service manual is in PDF somewhere too ?

    Cheers and TIA

  2. Capacity: 38cc
    Type: SS#8
  3. and now i have 5 posts i can link u to the manual :grin:
    here you go

    SS#8 is the stock oil. not sure what grade you'd need for 90kg..

  4. Hi Jess, thanks for that :)

    The manual specifies SS#8 and it also says fill the forks with Motor oil...hrmm

    I have not ever heard of SS#8, and saying motor oil sort of leaves things very open.

    I think I will just go and use fork oil in a SAE 10 grade as a friend used to use 20 in his Harley IIRC.

    Anyone can feel free to correct me :)
  5. yeah i saw that one too :shock: but figured it was a case of lost in translation. i think the manuals were all originally written in taiwanese and converted to engrish... my espresso manual is an interesting read.

    ss8 is a showa oil.. and definitely a fork oil (10w i think) :)
  6. I bet it is !

    With some things it could be just a laugh, but with things like a manual, you would think it warrants having it properly proofed before release.

    Kinda reminds me of people in business who must use babelfish or something to come up with business names, but then again many scooters have names that must be a cheap translation...lol...