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Buenos dias mofos

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JoeyPav, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Signing up was gonna happen sooner or later so G'day to those of you who I know in the real world who are on here, and G'day to everyone else! :)

    Danielle, Charlie, Marisa, Nadia, Matt, Ryan, Shaun etc,

    Let me try n figure this profile stuff...

  2. err, welcome, err, I think ......
  3. Mofos? :roll:
  4. ;0

    hey loosa head.
    so glad u could make it.
  5. Gday Paul!
    Gday Pete!
    Gday Princess

    Princess, who's your dentist? Can I take you out some time?
  6. Melbourne riders may be a little over familiar, as well as quite friendly :)

    Welcome Joey

  7. ;0

    hahaha his a gr8 dentist ey.
    and yes pep u can take me out ;)
  8. Re: ;0

    huh? Oh dear.... God I hope you're sober for work next week :p

    And can you please... for the love of god... change that godamn avatar? I'm scared, and it's not very princess-like! :)
  9. ;0

    filter, i cant help the way i was born okay. it really is me :)
    and i just got asked out on a date.. the first date i ever been asked out on.
    omg im so excited :)
  10. Re: ;0

    me thinks you've given flamers all the bait they need :)
  11. I'd say welcome but I am not sure if I should interrupt the romantic mood that is being set. This could be the start of a wonderful friendship.

    Oh wtf. On behalf of the mofos, welcome to Netrider Joey.

    BTW Some of us here are older. Let's not forget the grandmofos.
  12. Re: ;0

    Princess, you're not a very good liar :p
    Filter don't worry, she looks nothing like her Av, she's gorgeous :grin:

    And so you should have, long before now!
    Go girl!! :grin:

    Ooops! Err, sorry Joey, welcome!! :oops: :roll: :LOL:
  13. Re: ;0

    I have the dubious pleasure of working with her :)

    You're the one who asked her out then? :LOL:
  14. '-

    u sure do have that honour. who knows for how long though....
  15. ¿usted habla al fcuker de madre inglés? :LOL:
  16. que pasa? why bring my mum into this mang? ju got juself a problem?

    haha jks

    im italian so only get bits of what ur saying... something about my mum being english?
  17. apenas tracción de su amigo de la pierna!
  18. i like nachos too :)

    welcome aboard, maternal intercourser :p