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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tom, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I had a quick squiz at looking for thread about Buells but couldn't find anything meaningful.
    So I figured I'd start one.

    After shedding my L's, I've started to think more seriously about my next bike after I come off restrictions.

    At the moment I'm still quite torn about getting a nekkid or not, but I do enjoy riding my baby VTR and so something like a Buell looks like a possiblity.

    Basically I'm just asking about peoples opinions on them, especially from the riders out there who own them.

    The XBs look quite appealing to me.

  2. I love to hear more about them too! Lately I've been looking (on the net only, so far) at the XB9SX, a.k.a City-X... The combination of low gravity center, light weight and excellent steering combined with upright riding position and relaxed, low-revving motor sounds quite appealing to me. One thing of note is the improvements in their 2006 range: most imprtant, City-X now comes in a dark colour they call Kick Ash which I find a lot more appealing than Blue, (which is still available as well). Oh yeah, I almost forgot - they now also come with a proper, modern gearbox as opposed to the old horrible one! BTW, I believe this new gearbox is now used across their whole range, not just in City-X. So I think no matter what your choice, it would be worth it to insist on the current model.
  3. Spoke to a sales guy at a Suzuki dealership the other day who had one on the floor. He caned it, rattly, clunky, like driving a HQ he said. But, DAMN the thing sounded better than any bike I have ever heard. He said it had alot of work done to it. Said it would be OK for a city commute bike only, in and out of traffic, because it had tonnes of torque, but he would NEVER own one.
  4. I wrote up a fair length review about an XB9R I had a crack on last year.

    It seems to have disappeared out the arse end of Netrider, pity that. Can anyone else find it?

    The gearbox and clutch were awful, the power was pretty good, the brakes were very powerful, maybe too powerful for such a short wheelbase. It turned corners so quickly there was no time to enjoy them. It was thunderously, cow-terrifyingly loud - earplugs everywhere would be a must for me. I remember thinking it was a fairly nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.
  5. Had a squirt on a Buell Ulysses a couple of months ago. Actually quite enjoyed the ride, especially the humongous torque. I thought it handled well, and the brakes were excellent. I quite like the styling, too. Even the 'box didn't seem all that bad, although I suppose I'm kinda used to a fairly ordinary gear-change.
    Talking to others who were trying out other models, though, a few said they absolutely hated them from the word go. I didn't quite understand why, but then I guess I don't really understand where they were coming from anyway, being R1/R6 guys.
    It was running a standard pipe, and wasn't too loud (but they CAN be!)
    What put me off more than anything was the constant reports of unreliability. Buell seem to have gone to great lengths to fix problems as they become apparent, but the issues just seem to keep coming. Bit of a shame considering all the good ideas they've come up with.
    Servicing seemed fairly cheap, and they can get good fuel economy, too.
  6. I've ridden a few and I find them to be a hoot. As with any HD motor/gearbox, they can be an acquired taste (eg clunky gearboxes). If you don't mind living with those sort of quirks and you don't get a lemon then they are a great ride and certainly a head turner.

    I'm unfortunately inflicted with ducks disease so most of them are a bit tall for me. I felt quite comfortable on the XB12Ss.

  7. The only thing that would put me off a Buell is that shares so much with HD.

    Nothing against HD, but I just don't like them, personal taste.

    Though when I look at a Buell, they are quite enticing. The grunt would be great too.

    The comments about dodgy gear-boxes has also put me off a little. Though I suppose you could call it character :wink:
  8. Dodgy gearboxes are no longer an issue! At least according to this page, the only review of this year model of City-X I could find. They are quite enthusiastic about it, in fact:
    "The new gearbox is actually a piece of precision engineering. It’s fairly light, as smooth as you could reasonably expect and it’s quiet as well."
  9. A friend works and owns a HD dealership here in Melbourne and has told me numerous times that the Buells spend more time in his workshop than they do in the owners hands.
    From the horses mouth so I'd never buy one.
    He remarked that in comparison the Harleys (VROD he owns) are relatively maintenance free. So if he thinks a HD is low maintenance... the Buells must break down every second day and twice on Sundays.
    Compaired to the Jap vtwins they don't turn out anywhere near as much grunt either.
  10. Well I guess Stack Munkey likes his XB12R - although they probably give it a tune-up every time he decks it so it's always in good running order!
  11. well i ride an xb12r with a factory race kit and have had her about 15 months. awesome bike. sounds great. goes well and corners hard. yeah it doesnt have the top speed of an r1 but i can give anybody a good run thru the twisties no worries, and it does have a look that grabs attention and a style all its own. never had trouble ever and know many happy buell riders also.
    teh 9r is a slower unit for sure. so make sure you ride both before chosing. my lady will be getting an xb9s when the L's are up.

    my mates get sick of all the people coming over to look and caht when we fuel up.

    if you are interested there is an aussie buell forum. look up aussiebuell riders.com.au :cool:
  12. the guys a fool and probably hasnt taken it out for some tight twisty work. the buell is certainly not hte refinement of a jap bike, but it has teh character all its own. and this is a big reason for buying. biggest plus for it is taht you dont have to be 200kmh to be having fun. and the way it idles is pure pleasure. you sit there at the lights and the bike is jsut carryin on, as if asking why we are not going somewhere.
    after a big run you slow up and your bike is the one that is purrin hard and vibrating your leathers while your mates sit boringly on their bikes waiting to get into the power band again. guaranteed your mates will all look over and think ' mate you look like youre having fun!' and you will be.
    when you all stop and turn your bikes off, yours is the one wirrin away as the cooling fan kicks in, jsut to say 'thanks for the run!'.
    and they will want a ride and i havent found one mate yet, who didnt think wow- what a fun bike!
  13. Cheers twoguns, that's some nice personal insight for us guys and gals wanting to know more on the buell. :)
  14. i will get some more pics up of my jemma soon...
  15. so I assume Jac passed her test on the weekend, and has been out carving it up on the vtr :grin:
  16. they are harley motors!!! why do you reckon they are unreliable. I too wouldnt consider owning one for that reason alone. everyone i know who owns a harley or buelle, are working on them more than riding them. how often do you see a hd rider tinkering with the machine. they do before a ride, during the ride on stops and when they get home. A guy that used to live across the road from me was fixin his harley more than he was riding it.
    If you want a vtwin look at the jap machines. I would love a xv650 custom..... Ahh to dream
  17. Firstly, great posts twoguns, glad you are enjoying the Buell

    Buells don't fit me too well 6' 1", but I'd love to take the Ulysses for a spin :cool:

    Buells aren't meant to be an R1, like a Harleys aren't a Triumph Rocket

    What a load of crap - what HD's do your mates own?

    I know over half a dozen HD owners well (including my old one), and no issues with any bike bar an alternator on one who had way too many lights on his Ultra.

    20+ year old HD's when they were produced by AMF, were unreliable, but anything since the Evo engine (1984 onwards), would have no more (if not less) issues than any other bike due to the simple robust design and ease of service and repair.

    You keep on enjoying your bike, as I'm sure everyone who owns a HD is enjoying theirs without rubbishing other's rides.
  18. thanks for the update on where harleys are at. yea the ones I'm talking about were probably 20yrs old or more so that does change my perstective of things substantially. Not meaning to rubbish anyones rid ejust passing on an opinion of what my past experience has been. i have always liked the look of the harleys but because of my understanding of them always having probs i dismissed the idea of ever owning one. I know that the early models had a design fault in the way the block was cast in that the 2nd cylinder was directly behind the 1st (not offset like the newer v-twins) which caused the 2nd cylinder to overheat and blow quite frequently.
    I also know that the founder of the buell is an ex-harley deasigner/mechanic so he would have worked out the probs with them.
    I am returning to riding after a 15year spell and havent yet completed a catch-up of where everones at with there bikes in the way of improvements etc, so yea I'm going by what i learnt by the people i rode with back then.
  19. thanks toe cutter... i was about to let fly. get so fed up with the ol' harley piece of crap line. always comes from persons with little or no knowledge of a harley in the last 10 years.

    all i can say for anyone is go ride a buell. yes they are quirky, but so is a triumph, aprilia or MW... all certainly not bland and boring as some fo the jap bikes out today. i think they are becoming too perfect. no feed back. no feel, only real good fun at 200klmh.

    i have lent my bike to all my mates to spin on on our rides. always shuts them up as they all enjoy it. now i jsut ge the masey ferguson jokes for fun...

    and yes dave. jac's passed. licenced and getting out.