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Buell XB12R Showing now

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by supastyla2, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hell Yer !!!

  2. It was alright .........

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  1. #1 supastyla2, Feb 5, 2008
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    Hey NetRiderz,

    My mate fortunately bought new tyres (good on him), but unfortunately ran over a nail.... rrrrr so we decided to have some fun. Check this video out on you tube [media=youtube]q2pOP7OyAac[/media] We are off to the next track day at the island 18th Feb 08, so if you see us about come and say hi !
  2. Can we vote it was crap?

    Nothing to great about the video, plan boring burnout, didn't even make the tyre explode.
  3. Sure you can mate..... & I'm pretty sure you did......... The video was to have some fun not trash a Buell......<--- "Just to clear things up!

    But hey as your tag states...."Yes, I am naturally this slow" I'm guessing here your talking about wits and not speed hey champ.

    LuV you.......... :wink:
  4. You don't need to trash a bike to make a good video, you just need some level of creativity and/or skill with riding a bike.

    Yeah, i can see the "fun" in the video just like the options you gave in the poll as it all is just for "fun".

    My "tag" is an excuse to people who always want me to ride fast/race them when i cbf and im not sure how you would think it has anything to do with wits when clearly the rest of the stuff in my signature is to do with bikes.
  5. 6.5/10
    his circle work needs some attention ;)
    love the xb12r though, they are a beautiful bike, i should know :)
    welcome to N :cool:
  6. I hope you will do the right thing and CLEAN UP the DAMN MESS you just made on the concrete! :evil:

    :p :p :p
    I cannot criticise your attempt .. I've never done a burnout on anything with 2 wheels :oops:
  7. hahaha yep my girl is already on our case. Out comes the hydrochloric acid and a hard bristle brush....... maybe another vid in that :LOL:
  8. You need to get a lean going, or do donuts with one foot down so you wear out the sides of the tyres aswell!

    And i always find these videos boring...but its always fun when your doing it.

    But top effort getting your monies worth from the tyre.
  9. ......


    As cleverlie said, nothing interesting about a simple burnout. Give the Buell a real fang around, get some footage and you might have something there.
  10. As has been said, I'm sure it was a bit of fun for you guys. Hell, I'd probably get a giggle out of it if I was in the same situation.

    Now, if he could do the same with the feet on the pegs....now there'd be something worth a 'Hell yeah!"
  11. hey calm down everyone this video was a little bit of fun thats all !!! Josh is NOT a stunt rider he's just a poor bloke with a nail in his tyre....... Come on cut us some slack..... If the forum was "How to be a stunt rider" well yer i'd get it ...... Chill...........Just sit back and enjoy thats all i ask.
  12. Hey, you asked the question "Did you dig the video?"

    If you don't like the answers, don't ask the questions. :wink: