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Buell XB12

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by brettar01, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. After an excruciating wait, finally got my new bike, a Buell XB12SS. Head over heals straight away-rumbles like a harley but then crackles on the overrun, couldnt have hoped for a better sound. Alot of fun to ride too, my first bike with an upright position and handle bars that are quite straight, big fan.

    Pretty much stock bar the exhaust, the handlebars and some rizoma mirrors and grips. Will change indicators as soon as possible, then fender eliminator.

    Also in the pics my housemates Aprilia rs250.

  2. Verrry nice, I love the buells. Damn they can sound good :)
  3. Well done and sweet looking ride.
  4. Looks fantastic, not nearly enough of these around. Did you pick it up new? Looking forward to pics of the finished bike.
  5. Hot stuff! Youre both very trusting parking next to those girly 4 cylinde cages
  6. Looks awesome. Those chicken strips are begging for some treatment!
  7. love the 12ss almost bought one but went with the 1125 and am loving it. The 12's look and sound better but damn that rotax engine has some powah!

    make sure you do lots of wheelies mate, thats what its for
  8. do those mirrors reflect anything useful at all?
  9. That's a hella sexy bike. I would have seriously considered one if I wasn't such a shortarse :(

    Did you get the Rizoma mirrors from AU or sent from OS? Are they a standard 10mm thread?
  10. Nah, it's an '06 i got it with 14,000 k's on it which is as close to new as i could find with out paying an extra couple of grand to a dealer. If you look closely theres a tiny bit of damage on one of the headers, i deliberately chose the pictures that dont show it off haha, not much use after telling everyone!

    And Lilley, they have to be the worst mirrors I have ever seen anything through. The bike vibrates alot, but they're so sh!t I literally cant make out what kind of car is immediately behind me, due to both the small surface area of the mirrors and the massive vibrations. Its really hard to look for cops when sitting at the lights, they'll have to go unfortunately as they do kind of suit the bike, and I like taking off fast and loud. Dont we all.

    evilsnoofy - the mirrors were on the bike when i got it so cant help you there mate, before I bought the bike I was looking at rizoma parts and could only find overseas places to buy them from. Have a look at the short wheelbase version, it looks meaner and the seat is noticebly lower. Take one for a ride and you will put your wife up as security.
  11. Heh, I'd have to put my husband up as security. I'm the wife in the equation!

    After what you said about the mirrors being particularly crap, I don't know that I'll bother looking any further :)
  12. Oooh I like the look of those. Anything to get rid of the big silver paddles on the Gladius.

    I'm just not sure that they'll fit in the holes? I dunno if most bikes are the same size thread or whether they're specific between the different brands?
  13. haha love it. I spent a good 2 hours this morning reading reviews and watching vids of em that I've already seen before. Damn shame they shut buell down.
  14. Yea your right about that, its an absolute crime more of these arent on the roads. Especially now that im seeing quite a few street triples around melbourne, so there are people that are buying into this 'category' of bike.

    Are you looking at getting one?
  15. I have 3 years of Ps left. But yes, I would sell my soul for one.
  16. Beautiful man! i love those things.

    If harley stoped making old man bikes and converted to just these i couldnt be happier haha

    Unreal man!
  17. Saw one of these in white down in Kangaroo Valley on Wed. Looked like a weapon.
  18. They might actually make a profit too! :LOL:
  19. I think thats against their mission statement or something