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Buell slow turn over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vomitbmob, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    It had been a while since I started the Buell but I've had a few issues getting it going again. Firstly I could not get it started at all regardless of what battery I used. I did a bit of digging and found that it could have been the grounding wires so I cleaned them up (just between the battery and the frame) and that seemed to finally allow me to start the bike with the jump pack but it may have been a coincidence because it wouldn't start again doing the same after I came back from a 30 minute ride. The check engine light kept coming on at high RPM then disappeared as soon as the RPM dropped. The bike seemed to run completely fine once going.

    I know slow cranking is a bit of a characteristic of these bikes but it seems a bit excessive at the moment. It really seems like it's struggling to crank the engine over.

    I put up a video to show what I'm experiencing so i hope that can give some more clues as to what the problem is. I'm using a fully charged, almost brand new jumper pack.

    I thought that if the check engine light is related then it doesn't seem like it would be the starter itself so I'm thinking maybe it's an electrical issue?

    Is there a way I can create an auxiliary ground using a a jumper cable or similar?
  2. Pm sent, check your inbox
  3. Any progress on this @vomitbmob@vomitbmob ? If the battery is fully charged, the starter heavy cables and connections are all tight then I would be looking at the brushes for the starter motor.
  4. There are 6 terminal connections you need to make sure are very clean and good. Sometimes they can look good, but not be so.

    2 on the battery.

    1 earth cable to chassis
    1 positive to solenoid
    1 solenoid to started cable
    1 started cable to started.
  5. Hi guys,

    I attached a jumper lead directly from the battery to the starter and got the same result.

    I had cleaned the earth between the battery and the frame. I believe the starter is earthed via the engine itself? I'm searching but I haven't found the earth to the engine.
  6. Connected a jumper lead from the battery to the engine earth - no change.
  7. Your bike battery?

    If so, try directly to the starter with a good car battery. If it still persists, it's either the starter or problem in the engine itself (like compression lock).

    If the starter spins freely, then you have a cactus battery.
  8. Nah not using the bike battery. I've got a pretty large jump pack I'm using which I know is fine.

    I'm not sure about problems with the engine as I did manage to get it going a couple of days ago and it ran great despite the check engine light coming on at high RPM (as mentioned above). I'm not sure how that could be related to the starter motor though. I guess it could be two different problems, but that seems a little less likely and why I've been going down the wiring path.

    I have noticed that over the last few months it has taken a number of jumps to get the starter cranking over, now it doesn't seem to matter what I do. I'm sure I can push start it.
  9. I suspect brushes of the starter motor then @vomitbmob@vomitbmob They are a carbon block, they wear and the springs that push them against the commutator weaken. The commutator itself builds up crud. Unless these brushes can pass enough current to the rotor through the commutator the starter motor won't develop enough torque to turn the engine fast enough.

    I don't know the structure of the Buell starter motor, can you get the brushes out to inspect them?
  10. I'm definitely no wiz when it comes to mechanics but I can give it a shot. The signs are starting to point to it as the problem now anyway.

    I want to make sure I'm definitely attaching wires to the correct place before I start dismantling things so I'll do a few more checks first.

    Would it be worthwhile attaching the 12v+ jumper to the starter motors main feed rather than the solenoid input?
  11. Yes, it will isolate the solenoid from the diagnosis. Just be wary. high currents are involved which can vaporize bits of metal. Connect the leads on the bike end firmly and the neg on your external battery. Then touch the battery with the positive. You don't want to zap away bits of your bike. :)
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