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Buell Forum shut down by Buell Themselves

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by BacaThomo, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. As a member of a Buell forum, and the owner of a Buell motorcycle, I am disgusted to hear that a Buell riders forum has been shut down by Buell's legal eagles (or should that be turkeys?) all because of the use of the Buell name in the title. :evil:

    Has anyone ever heard of a company complaining about the use of their name being used in a positive way?
    I just cant believe that Buell/HD are doing this to their own customers
  2. Arseholes!

    Then again, a lot of advice is given on forums that is complete shite, and Buell may want to control what might appear to be official advice.

    This is what PEte the Pom was trying to get around when he set up TRV for honda.
  3. That's not uncommon.
    George Lucas had a huge hissy fit at first regarding the making of 'fan films'.
    Though afaik he saw the light and realised they were just free publicity!
    I'm surprised Buell wouldn't see it in the same light...
    Then again, going by the reports from HD mechanics I know, the less people know (or have the chance to biatch) about Buell's the better.
  4. Perfectly understandable.

    It isn't a forum that was put together by Buell and the information on there whilst i'm sure 99% of it is positive publicity it is always seen as a rip off of Buell the trademark. It could be perceived that the forum is an inferior product to what Buell believe a forum should look like

    A classic example, I make photo mugs, I have several available for purchase through my online store. One of the mugs had the Manchester United Logo on the mug. Positive publicity etc etc, it was however unlicensed therefore I was asked to remove it from sale.

    Their legal slush fund is bigger than mine, I removed the mug.
  5. But Buell themselves do very little to promote themselves here. No apparel, no spares. There is no Buell Australia site.
    At least this is, or was, giving them positive public support.

    Outbreak monkey, do you own a Buell? Or have you ridden one?
  6. I think it is total crap. It falls under being "technically" correct, which is usually the most annoying kind of correct......

    I am a member of a Blackbird forum, and if Honda came along and shut it down I would be gutted. And I know there are plenty of other single model forums that are out there.

    Basically they are just pissing off the true enthusiasts of the brand. Very ordinary Mr Buell.
  7. That is not about publicity, that is you making money from their brand without the proper approval (this could go in the copyright thread). Very different. I would expect Buell, or any company, to act the same if you put their logo on your mugs.
  8. I've lost count of the 'unofficial' BMW and Ducati sites, and they don't seem to have a problem with them. In fact on a Duke forum I belong to we regularly get a couple of factory guys posting. Sound like a bit of a hissy fit to me..
  9. It probably didn't get shut down. Rather it leaked electrons out of it's electrons filter and caused it to crash or break down.
  10. Must be a Harley thing. Harley threatened legal action against hdforum - great site with around 15,000 members at the time. They changed the name and moved on.

    I'd say it's their loss but their trademark to protect at the same time.

    Plenty of other brand specific forums do a great job of promoting their motorcycles with little, or no, Company support.
  11. Yes, from a company that tried to trademark a sound, I'm not surprised. (They failed by the way because they didn't invent the 45deg Twin, apparently some Pom did back well before WW1).
  12. Are you sure some of the parts didn't just fall off?
  13. No way. My contact at Harley City has told me about too many practically new Buells, totally fcuked, in his workshop. The words 'oil' and 'leak' seem to be a permanent part of his vocabulary. He even warned me off buying one which is funny considering they're the dealer for them!

    I rode one once. It felt like a poor handling version of my bike with less power and a bigger price tag.
  14. It's not just about revenue, though that is a big part of it. There is a parallel. It's about representation of the brand, and controlling it. If the Man U mugs were of inferior or superior quality (why ruin a perfectly good mug with the Man U logo is what I want to know), then the same thing would happen as controlling representation of the brand is a factor. That seems to be the case with the forums. Maybe there were some posts relating to poor quality, or modifications to be made to improve a model, and maybe they decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  15. yes, i've heard this happen before !

    I've heard HondaOddessey forums got shut down in the US !
    Subaruforester forums in the US were threatened, don't know how far that has gone.

    Seems to happen in the US ! . . its all about using the product name.
  16. And you ride a......?
  17. Farken hell..

    Imagine if kawasaki shuts kawiforums or ksrc. Or Triumph shuts RAT ??

    Maybe too many product revelations in the forum ?
  18. no they won't !
    because the product name is not spelt out !
  19. I agree with that. It seems the only people that are precious about it are people with poor products that don't want the masses to be aware of the issues they have.

    Personally I think it is more damaging to the brand to make a fuss over it than leave it be.
  20. Don't know about the kwakas but RAT is sponsored by Triumph and is a nmae in it's own right just like HOG.