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Buell Firebolt

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ricomac, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Anyone own or ridden one of these? Are they more/less agressive than the Honda Firestorm? Just wondering guys...........

  2. Yeah I've been thinking the same thing for a while.

    I would really like to know what they are like. They do have some cool features and they even look half decent. Still sorry ricomac I can't tell you how they ride.
  3. I have not seen one of these, neither in flesh nor in photo.
  4. Well kanduli this might help.


    I particularly love the belt drive, front brake rotor and the exhaust. Although I would love to see a full fairing version.
  5. I know it isn't the same bike but this might get you started on what riding a Buell might be like...

    Loz's XB9S review
  6. truck driver owns buell, mechanic owns firestorm.
    buell pretty much nails poor honda in most respects, as far as i was prepared to push them (as i cant exactly replace them).
    i enjoyed the torque of the buell, much better feel than the honda.
    and thats from a honda man...

    i think the buell would benefit from having a greater angle in their v-twin, just to make it run & sound as smooth as the honda.

    bang for buck?
    a little more for the buell, but felt like it was worth a little more. nimble, compact, low centre of gravity and loved cornering.

    if only they could make a GOOD motor, i would probably buy one.
  7. How much for this Buell?? Says contact the dealer for the RRP.
  8. I think, and this is just from what I thought I have heard, they go for about $12,000. So they are pretty good value.

    Although I could be greatly mistaken.
  9. 06 xb12r $16000 2 weeks ago he bought it, and the 06 firestorm...ummm.....$13000? i think that was during the runout sale
  10. That's not TOO bad. Way too early for me to think about ANY upgrade, but I sort of like it, it looks better the longer you look at it ;).

    A dumb question now, what country makes them? I don't know anythin' about them but seen a few naked ones I liked.
  11. Well the Buell comes from America, where the soultion for more power is more cubs. :) Hence the 1200cc

    And the engine actually comes from HD.

    But I agree, the longer you look at them the beeter they are, but they really do have some cool features.
  12. xb12 versions are $18500 + onroads so they aren't cheap. they have that runout till the end of the month for the 06 models, but the only ones left i can find are $1000 off. new 07 models are meant to arrive in the next week or 2, and im getting a xb12 firebolt yeah!!
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