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Buell Blast

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Anyone know is this bike is available in Australia?

  2. No, it isn't.
  3. Why not? :p :D :p

    sorry - it just sounded so final ....
  4. <must...fight...it....can't...help...myself....>

    He didn't ask if was available. He asked if anyone knew.

    Rather than jumping on here afire with unsought opinions, why not take the time to read the OP. 9 words - none more that 3 syllables. Can't be that hard, surely?

    Next time you're struck with a fit of piss-and-wind pomposity, the overwhelming urge to dazzle us with cognitive pyrotechnics, take a deep breath and count slowly. To a million.

    Your adoxographical skills do little to disguise your philosophunculist aeolism - the cacoethes to floccinaucinihilipilificate other posters is clearly overwhelming. Although you might believe your comments to be charientistic, they rarely rise above bletcherous and, while your discourse suggests less inclination to maledicence than that of other correspondents, it invariable smacks of ultracrepidarianism.

    The correct answer was "Yes".

    (Hey - IK - how did I do? can I get an apprenticeship?) :D
  5. Say what now?? :? Them is some big words
  6. yeah - but he started it with "cockspankery" (Bloody filter! It should read c o c k s p a n k e r y)
  7. floccinaucinihilipilificate :LOL:

  8. Floccinaucinihilipilification is the act or habit of esteeming or describing something as worthless, or making something to be worthless by said means. Its pronunciation may vary from \'flä-chE-'nau-chE-ni-'hi-lE-'pi-lE-fI-'ca-shun\ to "FLOK-sih-noh-see-NEE-hee-lee-PEE-lih-fih-KAY-shun" or "FLA-sih-NAH-see-nə-hill-lə-pill-lə-fih-kay-shun" or "FLOK-se-NÔ-se-NĪ-hil-e-PIL-e-fi-KĀ-shen."

    See if i can slip that into a conversation tomorrow. Imagine i might get some pretty blank looks :LOL:
  9. I was interested in these after reading about them in US mags.

    Very cool bike. Most of the cool stuff from the rest of the Buell range, such as under frame exhaust, perimeter discs, belt drive etc... But at an extremely affordable price (I think it might even be cheaper than a GS500), compared to the rest of buells premium range.

    It's certainly not imported here now (not on buells Aus website, or ever mentioned in Mags). I think they wouldn't bother importing it because it's intended as a learner bike, but with the 250 limit in Aus its not seen as worth it.
  10. Well, either a bike is available for sale in Australia, or it isn't. The Buell Blast isn't.

    Chances are that Buell figured the handful of sales they could expect to wrestle away from the GS500 and the restricted Monster 620 wasn't worth the financial arseache of putting the Blast through ADR certification.

    That's apart from the fairly fundamental silliness of a boutique entry-level bike. You pay a premium price for something with a six-week backorder for spare parts when you lay it down as a result of your n00bishness.

    a major red flag should also be the fact that the Blast is the only bike in the world to run that half-a-Sportster single-cylinder engine. Traditionally, whenever a small, low-volume manufacturer had a go at a proprietary engine design, the resulting bike might as well have had a "QC nighmare" sticker on the ducktail, and, from a number of reports, that's exactly what's happened to Buell with the Blast in the US.
  11. Buell blast From what i have read on this bike we dont want it here let the yanks deal with there own shit check out buell blast where will we breakdown next What a crap bike its a real hardly goes