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Buell 1125cr review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wrxbox, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Well I’ve had my Buell 1125cr for 3 months now and have over 10,000 kms up. I thought I’d have a go at doing a review. I’m not what I’d call an expert rider or an expert on bikes, but I do ride more than most people, using my bike as a commuter riding 160km/day.

    I have been really enjoying the 1125cr and have found it a great bike to ride for my commute. Some people have said that Buells are a hot bike and have vibration issues. The engine is a little rattley sounding at slower rpm, but I wouldn’t say this flows through the bike and that it is very smooth and has a great power delivery. The bike maintains a cool temperature in all weather and traffic conditions. I really love the look of the standard exhaust; while the bike has a nice note, I really wish it was much louder.

    I would say it doesn’t really like the slower stop start city traffic, in that it doesn’t like cruising much below the 3000rpm mark, the rear brake takes some stomping on if you use it to aid in the slower traffic, I usually feather on the clutch in these speeds (around 40km) to make for a smooth ride. It is a brilliant bike if you like lane splitting.

    The clutch is a little different in that it doesn’t grab at the same point as other bikes I’ve ridden. I found that the front brake is very sufficient but again can take some getting used to. As mentioned the rear brake takes a bit of effort, but at the same time it’s more than adequate to lock up the back wheel, it may also be able to be improved with another brand of pads, wouldn’t say this is a necessity, but would make slower riding easier if you use the rear brake for this.

    I took it on a trip from Melbourne to Nowra around 850kms, and found it a comfortable bike for the trip, the best thing was the ability to adjust my setting position from a more upright to a lay down style, alternating the pressure on my rear end :) . It was awesome to ride through Kangaroo Valley, I found myself improving my riding and my confidence with the bike.

    I usually get around 5.8ltrs/ 100km when riding sensibly, it can get a little thirsty at speeds of 110+ kms and when giving it a good thrashing through the traffic. The best I have gotten from a tank is 350kms with about 1.5 ltrs left over.

    Now for the bad point so far. When I rode up to Nowra, I only just made it, my battery was almost flat and not charging, it turned out that I had a broken stator. To cut a long story short, I towed the bike home to Melbourne. I must say though that the service at Harley City in Melbourne has been awesome, they removed a stator from a brand new bike and had me back on the road in no time. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but I’ll keep you posted.
    I have hit a false neutral on the way up from 5th to 6th a few times, I had put it down to lazy shifting, but have always thought I used enough authority in my change.

    The bike is brilliant at normal and high speeds, the acceleration is smooth and to die for. I have never had the front wheel right up off the ground, that’s just not my style of riding and don’t have the confidence. I have given it a good boot full and it is more than fast/quick enough for me, far quicker than my non standard WRX STi without lifting the front wheel a bit.

    I have only ridden with the standard clubman style bars for one day and found them very uncomfortable, the optional raised bars are far better suited and more comfortable, vision is also better from the mirrors. That being said, if you are always on the gas and like a sportier feel, I think that the standard café position would give superior performance and handling, and it just looks more aggressive.

    Maybe not the best of a review but hopefully I have given some people some more info.
  2. 10000kms definitely gives you the right to post up a review!

    I know someone who rides, track days and races them and he's pretty happy with the 1125 motor. And that front brake is supposed to be nuts.

    You mention that it doesn't like being under 3000rpm - do you find it difficult to get off the line or is it just that the performance is scratchy at that low rpm?
  3. The bike is very easy to get off the line, no problems there. It just doesn’t like sitting at revs below 3000rpm when travelling slow at speeds below 40km/hr. Most bikes don’t like this too much, but it was much easier to travel at these low rev speeds on my old vn250, not so easy on my Cagiva Mito though.
  4. Great Review!

    Now that the Buells have got a Rotax motor I would seriously consider one, they are such a different bike to everything else out there. It seems like a great all rounder, good for the commute, great to tour on and fun when you up the pace too!

    As for how the bike runs under 3000rpm, I find my Superduke the same and I have ridden other big twins that are similar, I think it's just big twin thing...It just means you need to ride it like you stole it! :twisted:
  5. I just replace my first rear tyre, having got 14500kms from the Pirelli - Diablo Corsa III, this was pushing it right down to below its wear limits :roll:

    I started working in Bendigo last week so my commute is now 135km each way. My fuel economy is around 6.03ltrs/100km, I’d say you’d have to sit on around 80km/hr to get the acclaimed 5ltrs/100kms. At 110kms/hr the bike sits on around 4400rpm in 6th, I think this would be much better if the bike were sitting at around 3400rpm. I wish there were different belts and sprockets available or a 7th gear.
  6. Bullshit. You covered all bases, didn't lie about your experience and gave a good idea about what it's like to live with the bike. One of the better reviews up, that's for sure.

    Keep us posted.
  7. I've not ridden one of these yet but I'd love to. Quick riders have said very good things about it.
  8. Looks absolutely horn, too.
  9. I'm not at all taken with the looks but Buell's avant garde approach to bike design has to be applauded. Rotax make excellent engines IMO so I'm sure this donk would be great fun. Nice write up, good on ya for for pointing out the foibles as wells as the fun.
  10. Just a quick update. I've now sold my bike and did about 32,000kms all up. The resale value was crap only got $8,500 this was a big loss. I put this down mostly to Buell not being around any more and the high kms.
    I got 25,000kms out of my front tyre. I did another stator at 32,000kms, just before I sold the bike. All up I think it was great bike and good for what I bought it for, ashame about the stator issue.
    I've now gone back to driving another WRX :)
  11. I'v
    Nooooo! Hahaha, just kidding, I reckon they're a great bit of kit. Any particular reason why you sold up?

    On fuel economy, 80km/h translates as 50mph, which is the state limit in a lot of states in the US, so perhaps thats the reason.

    I'm also saddened by Buels passing, especially as it wasn't particularly due to anything they did or didn't do...they just got dropped from the subsidiary list by their parent company...

    Cheers - boingk