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Budget Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PatB, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. I'm going to be doing a Racecraft course the weekend after next and one of the requirements is full leathers, either 1 or 2 piece.

    As I've just changed jobs and my leave payout was burning a hole in my credit card, I bought a set of these,


    along with some of these,


    and one of these


    Ordered on a Friday night, they turned up on Monday 9 days later and I have to say I'm impressed.

    The suit is made from immensely thick leather and so isn't terribly supple and will take time to wear in, but I have no qualms whatsoever about its strength. The seams all appear to be properly constructed and the stitching is very good. Armour appears OK and in all the right places, apart from the token bit of cheap foam acting as a back protector which I've already taken out and chucked. Overall, it looks to offer equal or better protection than stuff like the M2R Missile(?) which seems to be a popular budget choice within Australia. I'm 185 cm and 108 kg and a 4XL fits me very nicely, pulling me into the approved orang-utan that's just crapped itself stance. It could usefully be another inch or two longer in the body but it's not bad for an off the peg item on me. There's plenty of sleeve length which was my main worry.

    Cons are that it's very stiff, as mentioned, but wear should help with that. There's not much in the way of stretch panels either. Their lack under the arms means getting a hand above your head is a struggle. It's got a hump too, which I didn't really want.

    All in all, for a couple of hundred less than anything I've seen in Australia, I'm chuffed.

    The gloves seem OK too, although I think I maybe should have ordered the next size down. Good hide and decent stitching again.

    The back protector does appear a little cheap in terms of finish. However, in design and construction it appears identical to some of the cheaper brand-name stuff I've seen. Being one size fits noone, it's a little short but, worn low, it covers my coccyx and lumbar region where it will do the most good. It'll do.

    And that's about all I can say without actually riding in it or crashing in it. I'm hoping to avoid the latter but I'll have a better idea of the former after Sunday 19th, when my shiny new gear and my grotty old K100 make their track debut at Wanneroo.

    I'll keep you posted.
  2. I demand you test out its crashabilityness and get back to us.

    Judging by the look of the suit I'm betting that if you come off the bike some kind of booster rocket will kick in and save you anyway.
  3. Pity you couldn't get them 2 or 3 months ago before the arse fell out of the aussie dollar huh :(
  4. Well, I managed to get 'em at better than 80c, which is some consolation at least. They still worked out cheaper than anything I could have got in my size locally.

    As for crash testing, a combination of track newbiness, a grotty old K100 that owes me nothing and tyres that have probably gone hard in storage may conspire against my best efforts to stay out of the sand drags.