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Budget immobiliser - any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by penno2, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hey there

    Anyone got experience with one of these immobilisers? ANyone got an opinion about how hard these things might be to fit? Don't have a lot of experience with electronics. But I am willing to learn... heh

    ANyways, thoughts?

  2. What a 2008 Bandit worth to you?, seriously you have a brand new bike that cost what 14k or so...get a proper alarm/immobiliser for it...and no Jaycar aren't good either...I highly recommend the Meta Motorcycle alarms...I used to install them and the one I have has been on 2 bikes...so far it's been faultless...cost was about $300 or so

  3. I can see one use for it, if it will kill the engine while the bike is riding that's not great, but it might be a useful thing if someone is test riding your bike-for-sale and you're on the back with the remote.... :twisted:
  4. Yes I see your point. I asked my dealer if they fit alarms/immobilisers and they don't (would have happily paid $500 or more), and there's no one else I particularly trust to do it in town. I saw this thing pop up in the latest RR, and thought it looks simple enough - perhaps I could wire that thing in.
  5. If you want an ultra budget immobilizer, just wire in a kill switch and hide it somewhere clever.
  6. Nice, thanks BB. Just shot 'em off an email. See what they reckon. :grin:
  7. SOunds like a reasonable Plan B to me. Thanks phiz.