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Budget Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Murty, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Hey,

    I am looking for a helmet but have a budget of around $200. I know I'll probably be only looking at polycarbonate models, but having little to no experience with helmets, can anyone suggest particular models that I should look at.
    Its going to be a road full-faced helmet for doing day trips.

    Any feedback or experience will be appreciated!
  2. Most important thing is fit, keep that in mind. Check LS2 helmets, some of them are quite within your budget
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  3. That Icon helmet wont come with the approved helmet sticker to be used here. Just thought you should know
  4. So it can't be used in Australia?
  5. Legally no.
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  7. RJays Tour-Tech flip up helmets at MCAS for under $150 .Good helmet. Make sure any helmet fits well. Get industrial ear plugs if noise bothers you.
  8. This, but head to one of the AMX stores to try a few on, they generally have quite a few at or below your budget.
  9. Cheaper helmets also tend to be on the heavy side... so take that into consideration.

    is there any room to up your budget?
  10. With lids, you get what you pay for.

    Cheap will usually be;

    Poorly vented-fog on visor
    Poor aerodynamics
    liners that are not that soft and plush

    Consider you may end up wearing a lid for hours on end, and one that is not comfortable, quiet, well vented and is heavy can be a real pain in the ass.
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  11. I've got a decent helmet (shoei NXR) and I reckon it's a fair pain in the ass.

    I'd HATE to wear anything heavier/noisier/less comfortable.
  12. +1 on LS2 helmets. The $100 FF350 gets a 4 star safety rating in the SHARP test, performing better than the $900 GT-Air (3 stars).
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  13. +1! I used an LS2 helmet on my learners test and it was surprisingly very comfortable. Fit very well too!
  14. Cheaper helmets are not heavier or noisier than expensive models . Check a few sites comparing helmets to find that price is not a good indicator of helmet standards. All helmets sold in Australia conform to minimum safety standards .If it fits (well ) then wear it.
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  15. Using price as a guide to weight and noise levels makes little sense.

    Does that mean a $850 Shark Race R Pro is super quiet?
  16. Look at the SHARP testing and grading service website. The more stars, the better. They also grade on aspects related to comfort. Never buy a helmet without first wearing it for at least 10 mins. Even manufacturing variability between two "identical" helmets can make one comfortable, while another can give you headaches.
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  17. I have a FF350 LS2 helmet. For the price ($99 at the time) it's been excellent. I recommend paying 20 something bucks extra and buying a tinted visor for it as well.