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budget for the bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zaphod, May 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've put together a budget for the purchase of my bike:

    Item Price
    Leathers $1,300.00
    Helmet Flip-face $400.00
    Rain suit $100.00
    Jacket $300.00
    Pants $250.00
    Boots $300.00
    Gloves Winter $100.00
    Gloves Summer $100.00
    Oggy Knobs $500.00
    Cover $200.00
    Panniers $300.00
    CTP $650.00
    Insurance $1,000.00

    Total $5,500.00

    Bike $8k-$10k

    Have I missed anything? I'm basing my costs on the Bikerbiz website prices.


  2. Maybe factor in a first service or at least an oil/filter change assuming you're buying 2nd hand.
    Also, if you haven't already got a bike you will need some basic tools and chain lube etc.
    Oh, yeh and a camera so you can take lots of photos...
  3. You don't really need a cover, but if you really want one, they're heaps cheaped at Super Cheap & I saw them at The Warehouse the other day for like, twenty bucks...
  4. Keep a bit of money to spare too. You don't want to spend al that money, have the bike 2 weeks and have something go wrong mechanically and not have the funds to get it repaired.

  5. POS bike..... $1000-1500
    Jacket $150
    Cheapshit helmet $150
    Gloves $50
    Old Steelcaps $50
    Wet pants $50

    Under $2000...... baaaaaagain
  6. you don't need to get all the gear at once. get enough to ride safely then get the rest as you need it. you can watch out for sales that way and some of us regret our initial purchases (or at least know we could have done a lot better).
    PS you forgot a lock and chain
  7. I have bought a lock and chain at various times but never needed one.
  8. You get what you pay for, the cheap ones are dodgey.
  9. What type of bike are you getting. Insurance and CTP sounds high for someone in their 30s. A tyre gauge is useful. A winter jacket and a summer jacket. (Get the summer one in September, removable liners in winter jackets are not cool enough, the true summer jackets have meshing to allow air to flow through, like Ixon Hacker jacket). A back protector also helps. Allow for some lessons if you are a new rider. As a new rider, factor in things like licencing costs, Ps test, etc.

    I have a chain. It is great to put around poles or even just sitting on the ground. I am more likely to see it than a disc lock.

    I do not own leathers yet. I am saving up to them. Read the budget thread (at the top of this New Riders section). You will get a lot of different opinions following with the replies but you will make up your own mind with what seems right.
  10. I say drop the leathers if you are getting textile pants and jacket. With the money saved buy some more expensive gloves, boots and a good back protector. Check out the IXON range of textile jackets and pants, I have some and they are dam good for the price.
  11. first bike, i take it?

    good to get all the goodies but that's a chunk o' change from the outset. i hope you get a HUGE discount for all that...

    imho, buy as you go.

    have fun on 2wheels.
  12. Hi,

    I think I know where this is coming from. I'm in a situation where I have finally got "permission" to get a road bike from the missus.

    Her concern has always ben that a bike wil be a money pit that doesn't end, ie initial purchase 5K, then 2-3 hundred buck every couple of weeks untill I stop riding.

    As a result I'm on a one time deal. I have to:

    1. decide on a budget (budget is not that important to her except that it is fixed).
    2. Make the bike purchase and safety gear purchase pretty much in one go so she can understand where the money went and be confortable there won't be any real surprises on the credit card statement in 3 months time.
    3. Don't ask for any more toys for some time (she'd really like to think I'll never ask for any toys again).

    This does put me in a position where I have to get a bike I will still enjoy riding after my L's are over. (I'm in NSW and over 30 so that won't be long).

    Maybe I'm way off, but anyway I'm interested to see if he has "missed" anything as I'm working on my christmas list now.

  13. I'm in a similar situation to you Rob. If you are buying one bike then I really think you should take a look at the LAMS approved bikes so that once you are off restrictions you are not limited to a 250. Talk to your preferred dealers as they may have newer bikes which meet the LAMS criteria but haven't yet been added to the list.

    An alternative to a LAMS bike is to borrow a 250 from someone on a regular basis (this is what I'm doing). This allows you to get out on the road, get your unrestricted license and then buy whatever bike you want. The downside to this is that you may suffer from not spending as much time on the bike as you'd like and of course there are transition issues as you jump to a bigger bike.

    I think that more experienced riders than me will also testify that this is not going to be a 'one off'. There will be costs cropping up regularly like insurance, rego, servicing, general maintenance consumables and new gear. Everything has a lifespan so a lot of your gear will be replaced over time, eg helmet every five years, no matter how good the quality is. This is something that you and your wife need to be realistic about now so it doesn't become a problem later. Servicing a bike will be no less expensive than servicing a new car, perhaps more so as the service intervals on bikes are inevitably shorter than on cages.

    In our household to balance the ledger I've sold my Audi hatchback for a little Mazda to free up $$$ for the bike, perhaps you need to have a look at what you are willing to sacrifice to get the bike and also ensure that it doesn't become something that will cause arguments in 18 months time.
  14. Oggy Knobs $500.00 :shock: what the fcuk are they gold plated????

    Cover $200.00 are you building a fcuking garage to keep it in :shock: you can buy them for 20.00-40.00 at any auto store

    Personally you should beble to get all your basic gear for about the 1000 to 1500 mark...depending on brands
  15. must be the $300 installation fee ;)
  16. I'll only charge $200! :wink:
  17. Ok - I think I'd better explain my pricing process.

    Oggy knobs, covers etc - I'm working on a worse case scenario. If I make sure I have enough to cover the worse case and the price is lower then at the end of it all I shold have some spare cash - for the things I forgot like a tool kit, major service / minor service, filters, oils etc.

    The cover is mainly for work - my parking spot is under a tree with birds that crap all over the car - when the tree is not dropping leaves all over it.

    Helmet for $150 - yep, do-able but I know exactly what I want in the case of the helmet and its $400 - Nolan 102 flip-face.

    Leathers - mainly because Eastern Creek is 10 minutes away with regular riding courses (advanced braking / cornering) along with track days - I want to learn to be a competent, safe rider and enjoy some adrenaline. I've already put my car down the drag strip so it's time for a bike (once I've trained etc).

    I also missed the Ventura bag rack.

    Thanks for all the advice - really appreciated.
  18. ok well just allow 50k you will get some change outta it :roll:
  19. Whoa looks expensive, im saving up at the moment. I think ill probably spend around 900 hundred dollars on gear. Would i be able to get away without having draggin jeans or leather pants for say 3 months? Use normal jeans maybe? Can you get knee protectors or something? If not ill have to save up a bit more :)
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