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Budget boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fabes, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. I am looking at purchasing a set of riding boots, however being new to riding I am not sure what is on the market.

    I have been looking at Rossi and Dri rider boots. I have tried on a pair of Rossi's and liked the feel.

    I am open to your reviews or opinions.
  2. Really depends on what fits, the style you like and your budget.

    Budget as in "cut price" might be bloody expensive medically in a prang.

    If the rossi's feel good, you like the look, and you can afford em... go for it
  3. ive never used riding boots in the 2.5 years i've been riding and i've never need them, although it is suggested that you find any kinda of boot that will atlest protect your ankles.
  4. I got some Sidi boots for $180 and I've been practically living in them for 8 months now.

    Very comfy, they are black and they are quite plain and I wear them to work 5 days week (10hrs/day) and wear them on weekends too unless i'm going places in the car.
  5. Problem is... by the time you know you need them it's too late.

    Given your ankles are the only major joints in your body that can't be reconstructed.
    I'd say boots aren't the right area to be skimping on.

    I was lucky enough to be given a decent pair by a mate so can't help you with what to buy.

    but.. Get a pair that come a fair way up your shin - and preferably have ankle and heel armour. plus they should do up with a zipper and velcro - not one or the other so they're tight enough not to come off easily in a crash.

    Just my advice anyway.
  6. I've got a pair of Rossi and have worn them every day for 15 months. I find them very comfy and they are still in very good nic too. Highly recommended.
  7. I've got a pair of spider boots and a pair of motoline - Not upmarket but both have served me well for the last 16 months commuting. They were both $139 - spiders from mars leather and motoline from bike barn.
  8. Rjays boots I got - Stiff to break in but one you get used to them and when they start to shape up and flex around you'll feel that they are very comfortable - awsome for cold days just to wear around - I like just to wear it when I go out if it's a nice cool day/night - I wear them even when I ride aswell - that's how well they break in.

    all the protection you can have for a $150 boot - ankle plate - high boot with a hard leather construction. - Velcro + Zippers and they feel Tougher than Rossi's (I tried on rossi's and almost went for em - good boots aswell but I feel that Rjays offer more protection.)

    Go try em all on - it's purely personal pref -

    Clearlie - I dunno how you do it..........
  9. Thomas Cook make some decent boots at a good price.
    The thing to look for is comfort, armour and flexibility.
    choose a brand that is comfy for you. Different manufacturers make to different widths etc.
    Try to get armour in the heel, ankles and shin if you can.
    Look at the flexibility. Top quality boots (doesn't mean the most expensive) will limit lateral/sideways movement of the ankle to prevent flexion past the joint's normal limits.
    I chose Alpine Stars (i've got a broad foot) touring boots and love them.

    Good Luck
  10. I don't know i seem to always land on my head, or arms but out of all my crashes are various speeds...never have i needed boots, never have my feet even been injuried in any way although im getting a pair now because you need them for the race track....
  11. A*stars!

    Still have most of my right foot left after a major accident.

    Without the boots, I woldn't have a lower leg left!

    Don't like the leather chrome look of a wheelchair - Buy boots!

    Under $300 buys gortex boots that will be fine for summer/winter for 2-3 years.
  12. thanx for posting this topic fabes.....

    the tips from people here will help me when i'm lookin for my boots over in the states :grin: :grin:

    let me know what u decide......send pics......
  13. boots.

    Thank you for your relpies. It now time to have a look, and a feel of what is availiabe out there.
  14. Which means absolutely nothing.

    Keep your eyes out for a brand called Forma, they do a real nice waterproof boot with a fair amount of rigid armor, as well as replaceable sliders.
  15. I know it means nothing i just hoped no one else would realise that. :p

    Water proof...if i want water proof i'd drive a car! im getting me some Alphinestar SMX-3 boots or something in a couple weeks. Don't care how how good or bad they are because i don't care its just to allow me on the track.
  16. Right... so aiming for comfort while riding means you should just drive a car? Up urs jack! :p

    As for boots, ive been using a pair of Thomas Cook X-Sport boot, and have worn them every day in the past month. Find them extremely comfortable for riding, walking and such.

    Although I have encountered a few problems. 1 being waterproof = Extremely hot on warm/hot days. Your feet cant breath at all in them.

    Next problem is durability, if already had 1 or 2 issues where a bit of liner was coming up, because of the velcro, and today someone BOTH of my toe guards have come loose. 1 Lost 1 of its 2 screws, the other the little metal plate that the screw goes into popped out of its hole, which was easy to fix but rather annoying.
    At this point im still unsure about the boot, comfy yep, durability is not yet proven and is not looking to good [/quote]
  17. Cars are comfortable? fcuk! man i get sore driving them around....uh...er...not that i drive... :?
  18. What I like about Rossis is they are actually made in Australia, not in some sweatshop in Pakistan... I'd like to believe this might translate into higher quality but I admit I don't have any actual data to confirm that.

    Spider boots were low on style but were pretty tough, but I believe they don't make them anymore (or no longer import them to Australia at any rate - I think they were made in Poland).

    Check out Setup boots, they are just a 'budget brand' of Sidi - the same designs, different label = cheaper prices.

    There is also Forma which seems to be another European 'value' brand...

    Rjays make a budget pair of boots as well, but personally I avoid Rjays these days after some bad experiences with quality of their gear.
  19. Alpinestars make some decen cheap boots. Also look at Rjays speed boots. Offer ankle protection and are a low cut that you can wear all day anywhere.. :grin:
  20. [/quote]

    That isn't the point Cleverlie, You might want to consider them as major protection, especially if your riding on the track, as well as the comfort factor...Mate the SMX-3 boots are on the run out, i know for certain that Action are trying to run them out for like a $100 dollars cheaper as the SMX-4's are coming in