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Budget Bobber Project (Chinese Import)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Raxel, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hi all, new member here but a big fan of net rider already. So much information on here!

    Keeping my story short, I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade but am currently working an admin role. Basically, I got bored and wanted to keep my hands in an engine so I bought a cheap bike to turn into a bobber. My goal here is to take something that is crap and make it less crap, and do it cheaply ie. How far can I get for 2k including bike?

    The donor bike I found is a 2007 Arqin Bruiser - A Chinese import from a company that no longer seems to exist. However, previous research proved this bike is really manufactured by Jinan Qingqi - a large Chinese Motorcyle and scooter manufacturer claiming OEM for Suzuki and Peugeot. The model is a QM250 cruiser running a parallel twin for 233cc and a whopping 14Kw approx haha.

    Now before you laugh, choke, or blow more air out of your nose than normal, please understand a few things:

    1. This project is meant to be challenging.

    2. It is meant to be cheap. That being said, safety will not be compromised although styling will probably suffer.

    3. The engine is mechanically sound bar a few minor cosmetic issues.

    4. I anticipate difficulty sourcing parts, however I managed to find the parts manual plus the internet is a wonderful tool.

    5. I have a detailed build and budget plan I will be working to.

    6. The end goal is to have a registered, roadworthy machine that looks and runs better than when I got it.

    My question to you guys is: Would this project be something of interest to you, and if so, would you like me to document the build through this forum?

    Thanks for reading so far, and let me know your thoughts and/or tips and experience. I'm all ears!
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  2. I'd like to see how you go with it.
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  3. Go for it!
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  4. Welcome mate yep id like to see how you manage it :]
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  5. Sounds interesting, will definitely wait for updates.
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  6. Thanks for the support guys, I'm pretty excited to get stuck into it. Who knows how it will turn out!

    A little more background info:

    I had a number of criteria when looking for a suitable donor bike. I was after a cruiser that was running, rideable, and preferably registered in NSW (this would all save cost in the long run). I also needed to obtain it for no more than $1000 - challenge accepted!

    After a few failed attempts at the obvious choices (i.e. Virago, Rebel) and a little bit of wheeling and dealing, a champion bloke in Sydney agreed sell me his old ride - the Arqin Bruiser, 20k on the clock and 14 days rego. The only issue was that I'm in Wagga (about 500km away) and that meant spending $$ to get it transported. Being a budget project, I instead chucked some tools and gear in a bag and jumped on a bus to Sydney and rode the damn thing home.

    Seemingly simple right? Except I'm on my L's (90 Km/h) and riding a bike I'm not sure could go the distance. So every couple hours I stopped for fuel and a maintenance check, and eventually made it back home after around 8hrs on the road. All in all, it held up pretty well. No maintenance issues, no loose parts, vibes weren't too bad at high speed (mind you I don't have much experience with other cruisers for comparison). It sat neatly at 90 km/h, and I felt as though it could do 110 km/h without too much trouble.

    Total spent so far: $891.00
    Bike: $800
    Bus ticket: $55
    Fuel: $21
    Maccas: $15 (don't judge me, you'd have done the same)

    So what are we dealing with here? Well, hold on to your hat because here she is….. I present to you - THE ARQIN BRUISER *applause*

    ….. crap, how do I add images? Help!
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  7. Gday bud welcome aboard. From a tight arse like myself I'm interested.

    You need a certain number of posts to allow images. Its a security feature of the forum. I don't think its many.
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  8. Thanks mate, that makes sense.

    Oh well, the grand unveiling will have to wait people. Watch this space!
  9. Yep just a few more posts....
    So what was the motivation for all this? I won't mind if you take a number of posts to answer.
  10. have popcorn and comfy chair at the ready..
  11. I wasn't really interested in this thread until I read this bit.....
    Now I'm looking forward to some interesting updates. Good luck and post lots of pics.
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  12. @smiledude - the motivation for this project comes from a variety of reasons. Firstly, I managed to convince my wife that a bike would be a much cheaper option than running a second car and that this would mean more cash for shoes/bags/clothes. An argument easily won haha!

    Secondly, I just like bikes. Something about them puts and ear to ear grin on my face!

    Finally, every man needs a project right? I wanted to do something that wasn't work or study related just to break up life's monotony a little, a sanity check if you will :)

    Why a Chinese bike? The primary driver for this choice was cost and availability. I'm sure if I held out long enough I'd have been able to find a more reputable brand, but I wanted the project to span over winter so I'd have something to ride for the summer.

    Why do it on a low budget? I'm a tight arse haha! And I think I can pull it off :)
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  13. WombleWomble - Glad you're on board! I'm sure some of my technical skills will help with this project. I'm an avionics tech to be exact, about 10 yrs in with a few different aircraft types under the belt. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
  14. BTW, speaking of aviation and choppers :)


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  15. Hi all,

    So after a rather anticlimactic start, I can finally upload pics!

    Your attention please, I present to you....

    The Aquin Bruiser!
    *gasp followed by uninteresting slow clap*

    Attached Files:

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  16. Look closely at the handlebars. Yep, those are speakers. They are the first thing to go...
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  17. not to shabby
  18. Welcome RaxelRaxel looks like you have a great starting point..

    I'll be looking forward to future updates.
  19. Nice looking bike actually! Looking forward to watching your project...