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Buddy to look at bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Well, as I have stated in another post I got my learners.

    I am wondering if there is anyone in my area (Doncaster) who would be willing to check out a bike with me on the weekend. I will chuck a free lunch in there for the kind individual (Subway, lol)

    Basically I am after someone who can test ride the bike and offer some advice on condition etc. I am capable of testing the bike but I know someone who has a bit of onroad bike experience will be able to read a bike better and spot potential issues with it.

    I am happy to pick up such person and deliver back home.

  2. Which weekend?
  3. what bike?
  4. I want an RS250 but after i read the troubles apriliagirl went through it has got me thinking. Someone convince me please because I do have a bit of offroad experience with 2 strokes and power bands. Even ridden RS250/125 before

    The only options of decent sized bikes are the Hysosung GT250R and the Kawasaki ZX2R which was also of a decent size. I called someone today about a ZX2R which is on the market. I wanted to look at it next weekend if it doesnt sell before hand.

    GT250R is a bit of a gamble. Not really after a brand new bike. I dont mind some slight cosmetic damage as I will proabably drop my bike several times as I attempt to go up and down my driveway. It is so friggen steep.

    I am about 6' 2" so I find the CBR's etc a little cramped

    Any takers?

  5. I can help you look but I have all of 5 months biking experience. :grin:
    I'm in templestowe, PM me if you're interested.
  6. PM sent to im.on.it

  7. you are in good hand.. disk_1.

    iam.on.it :woot:

    dun mind me asking.. how much, what year? any photos?
  8. yeah good point got any background info on the bike?
  9. Background info

    1990 Kawasaki ZX2R - which model would this make it 'A' 'C'?

    31,000 k's (could be anything, lol)


    Comes with registration but says no RWC - hmmm

    Scratching on LHS fender. Looks like possible crack maybe. Description says it has only minor LHS scratching. Will have to investigate further. I am not overly concerned with having a perfect bike. Pic below


    Thanks for replies,
  10. Most replies will be better suited to testing for you, I'm on my L's and have been riding my CBR250RR for only about 5 weeks all up.

    If you can't find anyone else, PM me and i'll be happy to help :)
  11. Bike has been sold :(

    thanks for offers of help everyone

    Much appreciated. Will pop back on again when I can find another suitable bike.

    PM sent im.on.it

  12. Good choice in bikes!
    Go Ninja!!

    I guess I could give you a hand when you next find a bike.
    I've got one and had heaps of problems with mine and I can probably help you out.

    Was that the six inch or a foot long you were offering?? :LOL:
  13. hey 250ninjas

    I have organised to have a look at another bike on sunday. It is still on the market :p ... Gotta call sunday morning to organise a time for sunday afternoon as he is pretty busy.

    it is a 1990 kawasaki zx2r

    21,000 k's


    registration has expired and no RWC

    if you are interested 250ninja's i can pick you up and drive you if you like. im.on.it is a bit busy on sunday. I sent you a PM

    You can have whatever size you like :p

  14. yeah depends how deep you can take it :p
  15. Just for the record, I'm no mechanic or expert.
    Some of the problems I encountered were
    a loose cam chain
    incorrect light bulbs-they drew too much current and stopped the alternator from charging battery
    faulty back break light
    loose front mud guard
    worn brake pads
    cosmetic damage
    broken throttle cable

    I recon you shouldn't buy anything without a roadworthy,
    part of the joys of owning a bike is doing some work on it yourself.
    well thats what I tell myself, to justify having the bike :grin:
  16. I knew I was gonna get hit with that!
    but still I put it up! :)
  17. woah... lets keep it G rated boys :p

    PM sent again 250ninjas

  18. what? iam.on.it is busy on Sunday? :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Probably going out to look for his BBM friends...

    So Tom, you are in a market for a ZXR250 eh? We can keep an eye our for ya.... Tell me more about this yellow one..
  19. Well cash,

    1990 Kawasaki ZX2R

    21,000 k's apparantly

    complianced in 2001

    Lady owner - hmmm.

    no rego or RWC - ran out and apparantly CBF getting it worked out

    previous light fairing damage

    hmm... rear wheel drive , lol


    250ninja said he should be able to give me a hand. Cheers. I will be after a mechanical inspection too to make sure not too much is needed for RWC or general servicing etc.

    thanks for the interest,
  20. have you ridden any bikes since you got your learners yet Tom?
    If your worried about testing the bike yourself you can have a go on mine.
    can ride it around the car park gain some experience so you can test ride the bike when you check it out.