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Buddy Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by H21A, May 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone from the Parramatta/Lidcombe/Homebush area interested in going for rides ?

    I have been riding solo around the quiet streets and would be good to meet up with other locals for a quick squirt on the bike.
  2. Hows your riding skills? i have a ride organised this Saturday
  3. I need to improve on my slow speed stuff and u-turns.

    Been practicing on quiet streets and round abouts. Getting the hang of cornering without making the bike "chug"

    Got my clutch control, stop start, hill start pretty good.

    I'll be coming this Saturday for sure Goz :D, thats if im invited :p

    During weekdays i can only ride at night because im trying to avoid traffic etc
  4. and the learners thing on sunday, right?
  5. oh wait, i thought the Saturday was the learners sess.

    ill be too noob to join you guys on Saturday so i guess ill be there on Sunday instead haha
  6. correct, wisemans loop on Saturday, Homebush learners on Sunday, i only want you to come on Saturday if u can handle very twisty roads as thats what this ride is, but plenty of learners have done it many times
  7. H21A a riding buddy sounds good.
  8. @ Goz, wiseman sounds very very tempting but maybe next time. I've only started riding for a week since last wednesday (over 500k's) so far. No riding dramas to date :D

    Will clock in a few learner sessions at Homebush before i'll go on a proper twisty ride

    @ AznCruiser - Awesome. Let me know when and where. Looking forward to it

    Im getting ready to head out for a solo late night ride now. Still breaking in my boots and picked up a Drayko Optix Camo yesterday..... should have picked the regular Draggin Camo but the Optix style is slowly growing on me.
  9. Hey, I'm in the area and keen for a ride.

    Done a heap of k's since getting L's and my bike a few weeks ago, but could do with more practice before I step up from a 250.

    PM me if you're interested.
  10. Just got back from a great solo ride. Went up to Rhodes via Homebush bay drive. Nice slight downhill and uphill. Had a really good run and love leaning in to a road curve :p

    Rode another 100k's in total tonight and im not even tired :D

    Practiced my low speed maneuvering and did a few sets of U-Turns. Im getting pretty confident at it. The whole time i kept thinking about the stuff i learnt in Day 2.

    Ride the clutch a lil, pressure on the rear brake lightly and throttle smoothly

    @Alan, Pm sent mate
  11. Oh yeah, I lived in Rhodes for a few years. Some good riding around there and Concord, although Homebush Bay Drive can be a challenge for absolute newbies. I've done it many times now without any issues.

    There's also good areas that are a bit quieter around Olympic Park and Homebush Bay (Wentworth Point)
  12. Alan, meet 8:30 @ Lidcombe maccas.

    :D looking forward to it
  13. Mate thanks for coming out. Just got home as i rode for a bit more around the area

    Good fun and ride. After hearing your VTR I need a new pipe that's for sure :D

    See you at the learners session if you are going.
  14. Yeah had a great ride! :)

    You're much better than most learners I've seen on the road, and after only around 1 week riding too!

    Will try and make it to the learner session if I can.
  15. lol just remember to say no to "cheese sauce" next time we're at harry's

    let me know you are going for a ride. ill tag along