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Buddy in my area?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mon_4u2c, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Hi guys i am from Panania (near Revesby) i've been on my L's for nearly 2months now and haven't been on a group ride or one on one ride yet - anyone around my area up for a ride this sat morning???

  2. You'll be coming to the ride on Sunday yeah? ur sure to meet someone from ur area then !
  3. what's happening on sunday?
  4. Hi ,im not far away ,would take me 10 -15 minutes to get to bankstown airport, and meet up there.
    I could show you the P test and how it works and the tips they show you ,would just give you a head start ,could find a car park and do some drills on the stoping and U turn ect.
    Do a ride along henry lawson drive .I do shift work and get days off ,if you have time ,or if im on day shift im finished at 2,30.
    Im busy this week and then got the Alpine ride on this weekend ,but after that im more that happy to show the "little" bit i have learnt .

    Cheers Sled.
  5. I'd say im up for helping but apparently, im a wreckless idiot that doesn't know anything about motorcycle riding, Oh and i have no license.
  6. wreckless idiot = understatement... (youtube cough cough)... haha
    don't mind me i'm in the inner west, holla if u pass by...
  7. Ahaha man that stuff doesn't count! such along time ago!
  8. youtube linkage?
  9. Nah, was along time ago when i was on my L's and P's, also dont like the idea of handing it around...to much.. but by all means if you have seen it go look for it.
  10. Welcome aboard, you got the job :grin:
  11. Whaa....by the time i get my license back everyone would be fine for riding on the road, all i could do then is help people to corner better/get their knee down, do stunts and be a plan pain in the ass to everyone. :cool: