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Bud Ekins - Old School hoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, May 27, 2010.

  1. http://www.motofoto.cc/bud_ekins.htm

    Will the real Steve McQueen please stand up.


    Would you jump this???


  2. Not much clearance with that pole out the sump
  3. Maybe that's how they did the jump scene, there were four guys underneath it running along?
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    That's just magic. Hopefully the critics have given up and moved on to more fertile soil.

    A three hundred pound bike, no helmet, no thanks. I've done some dodgy shit on a bike before but I'm lacking that certain something needed to pull that stunt off. What did he say it was again?

    ....that's right, Balls.

    Awesome stuff Bud =D>

    Thanks for the link RC.
  6. Well, I'd rather jump the Trump than the plunger sprung (or completely unsprung) BMW or Zundapp that it should have been.
  7. If those are the options then I'm with ya 100%, but I'd still much prefer to just watch it.

    ...and without starting an unwinnable shitstorm, I reckon the bike in the reenactment was a little more sooped up than the bucket of pus in the pic above. So i reckon Ekins is still the clear winner in nutbaggery.