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Bucks party ideas..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ageg, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. So I'm orginising one pretty soon and have not got much time due to me orginising my engagement party which are both 2 weeks apart.

    So far for the bucks partyI have come up with:

    Go karts at Auskarts for a few hours, then off too dinner in the cbd to a restaurant that will house around 30 people... Was thinking taco bills or something (anyone have any suggestions)... I would prefer a place where I don't have to pay a massive deposit.... Then after dinner when it's dark and the crazies are out... Head out down to centre folds for some women company and finish up the night there.

    Now with that being said, I have not ever been to a bucks party and didn't think I would be the chosen one to orginise it lol....

    How does the night sound?.
  2. you need the largest amount of single young hot chicks as possible, to have a massive sex party with the best sex imaginable because it is the last chance you will ever get to be able to have beautiful sex with many different women and get away with it until you eventually divorce your fiancée
  3. Ahhh, nevermind.

    Honestly best bucks party I've been to was a long weekend down the coast with bunch of mates.
  4. A group travel as Lilley has mentioned was the best of the best for me also. It eliminates pikers and there's something about incorporating the journey into the event which makes it that much more enjoyable.

    A quick trip to the rippers doesn't hurt either.
  5. I know bad bucks nights.. do NOT get it into your head that "hiring a cabin someone down the coast and ordering pizza" is a good idea.

    Fark, more boring than my son's scout meetings.
  6. =D>=D>
  7. The gokarts are a good start, great fun. Smaller groups of close friends make a better party I recon, but that could just be me and my friends.
  8. Have a after party at your house. Hires some skimpy bar maids and get everyone to bring a esky. Of your on good terms at your local bottle shop you can get a good discount on booze. Plus you don't have to deal with too many drunk idiots. Maybe get a stripper as well. But on the day make sure to ring and double check the booking. Been to a few where they double booked or didn't book one the party. The company that is.
  9. Once everybody is smashed some "amusing adult videos" might be just as entertaining...
  10. Houseboat...fishing..fireworks...booze
  11. dont forget to dress the groom in some rediculous costume.....
    for example on bucks party i went to with go-karts (awesome) we dressed the groom up as princess peach (mario karts).... also heard of giant panda costumes doing kung fu fighting at knox......
  12. Your local AV/pub PA suppliers should have some projector hire rates, about a hundred for a small one on dry hire.
    You don't need screens, just wall to wall p0rn.
    Sets the mood nicely.
  13. At my buck's night, I was stripped naked, held down and painted all over with indelible blue dye. Night before the wedding too.

    I seem to remember being stripped naked at my divorce party a few years later too, though not dyed.
  14. Which one was more fun for you?
  15. I don't remember. I was too pissed
  16. Follow the shenanigans up with a Rap Jump down a tall building. I got mixed up with a bucks party rap jumping while wearing g strings and not much else (them, not me). Pisser
  17. Can strongly suggest getting some mates swags trail bike and hitting up some private property some, Great time to be had, Also can still get that stripper
  18. Hire strippers to do a pocker night with nude/toppless dealers and waiters to fetch drinks... Then go to Barranows and get a selection of cigars.. What more can a man night need! Naked chicks - check, Alcohol - check, poker - check, cigars - check, then just add some good mates at $30 a head to cover the costs.. pm me if you need more details/contact numbers etc..
  19. That does sound good. What are your thoughts on a similar themed NetRider Members only night? :D
  20. I'll be watching with interest (and poaching ideas)
    My best buddy is getting hitched (more fool him eh?)

    Guess who's the best man?

    Fuck! He gets Married and now I have all this responsibility :rofl: