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Bucks Nights: What does it entail

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Climbatize, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. I suppose it depends on your mates but I have never been to one and my own bucks night is tomorrow. Actually, i'm a bit worried what my mates have in store for me. I'm heading into the city.. could be messy.

    If I get through the night without being handcuffed, spiked rohypnol or a special order fatagram i'll be happy.

    Anyone have any stories?

  2. Again, it'd depend on your mates...
    Your bucks night could be a great day of fishing with beers and then ending the night at someone's place just drinking and reminiscing about the ol days and how you're gonna be chained...
    You could find yourself drunk in the city, dressed up in a bridal gown and prancing your way to the Red Light section to have a special order fatagram and more...

    Seriously? Just try to enjoy it and laugh back
    Also, whatever happens on the night. Stays there.
  3. Well said mate. I don't fancy dresses much, but you never know what can happen when you get on the turps hard.
  4. I've been to 5 in the last few years, only one involved nude girls.

    such a shame.
  5. after going to my mates 2 months ago, ive decided i dont want to get married!

    strippers, kinky lengerie (the buck wore it), plenty of beers... twas a great day but glad i wasnt the buck
  6. I've just had two. One in Perth for an entire weekend and the last this past Saturday in Melbourne. Getting married this Sunday.

    I won't tell you the details as it will just depress you as to how awesome a time I've had and you won't get anything like them, forcing you to cancel your wedding in sheer disappointment.
  7. been to heaps of them and we pretty much start out egging the buck, feather him, strip him naked and tape him to a street pole on a very busy intersection, then we hide and wait for the cops to come.. top laugh
  8. We hired a midget for the weekend, hand cuffed him to the buck, and kept him wasted. Poor bugger had to carry around a drunk midget the entire weekend, slept with him, toilet with him, hahaha. But it was a good weekend for all too.
  9. How do you do that?

    "Hello, I'd like a midget for the weekend please...

    ... yes the whole weekend...

    ... oh you know, midgety things...

    ... deposit?? In case we damage him or don't bring him back?...

    ... fair enough, do you take VISA?"
  10. I could tell you, but that would spoil the surprise.
  11. If you order the whole Buck's Night Premium Package, they'll usually toss one in for free.
  12. 1. Take one midget with no self respect
    2. Add $3000
    3. ......
    4. Hilarity.
  13. :rofl:

    Be even better if the midget was also the stripper! :rofl:
  14. I hope there are no midgets involved tonight. They make me uneasy.. and that is fully clothed.
  15. my brother is somewhat straightlaced so we got him dinner at a tasteful gentlemen's club ( table dancing, good food & drink ). he was fed desert by a beautiful blonde who wore only smallish underwear sitting on his lap the whole time. we then took him to the casino were i handed him a grand and told him to gamble away. he had to wear a ball & chain the whole night but it was plastic not metal. no one outrageously drunk, no one slept with hookers etc. he enjoyed it and his fiancee was not pissed off.
  16. Is it over.. am I still alive? I have felt better than this.

    Well, I guess it wasn't too rough. I did however wake up in the apartment hungover as shit, duct taped to the bed with my mate next to me, the plastic blow up doll's head in my crouch. The dirty pricks had put a dinger down my boxers and jammed hand cream in the blow up doll's anus. The last thing I remember was 3 security guards at the door at 4:30am telling us that this room was booked for 2 and 3 had to get out.

    Kittens in sth melb was a blast :D

    Oh, and didn't I have fun getting the blow up doll out of the apartment complex with hand cream dripping from her ass!