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Bucks Night Ideas

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. yep, something totally different. I am organising a Bucks night and I need ideas!!!

    No strippers and the groom doesn't drink. Prefer it to be not too expensive either. ie. maybe $30 per person or so.

    11 people attending, and it's a THURSDAY night 5pm - midnight.

    so far ideas are:

    go kart
    laser hunt
    lawn bowls
    ten pin bowling
    wall climbing
    pub crawl

    then a BBQ.

    any ideas of what's good to do and where?

    also want ideas of embarrassing the groom too. Without going too overboard considering wedding is 1 day after and I am the best man. Possibly just some egg and flower, or dress him up cuffed to a shopping trolley and walk through Marion Shopping Centre.
  2. Mini GP
    We have it here in Melb and It is great for a Bucks.
    Do you have any there in SA?
  3. No strippers? :butt: [-X .... No drinking? :beer: [-X .....lawn bowls?......

    What has the world come to???
    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. and a groom that doesn't want strippers or grog??

    pity the fool :p

  5. How old is he??? 12???

    Go play some poker at the Cas... fit 10 people on a table.
    Just a thought.
  6. The paint ball at down at victa is a great day out, but probably not recomended for the day before the wedding (unless you already have a limp :grin: )

    Also they do surfing and diving lessons at victa, both of which are well cool (but diving might be slightly over $30)

    The go carts at Jepps cross are always worth a visit.
  7. Tell the groom it's his choice between: strippers, fatogram with happy ending, or naked cling wrapping to one of those semicircular bike racks in the CBD....

    ...then kick back and enjoy the strippers :dance: :bannanabutt: :dance:


  8. No strippers no booze , mmmmm ,what about going to church. :wink:

    We got alot of pubs in The rocks in sydney ,where i grew up.
    And a good idea and day-night out pub crawl called ""pub golf.""

    First pub. Is a "drinking" HOLE -PAR 4 .

    Tony had to drink....1 orange juice= 2 over par for Tony
    Bill had to drink .....1 small beer {midie or pot} = PAR,for bill.
    Jeff had to drink.....1 large beer ,{schooner} ect= 1 under par for Jeff.
    Big BOB had to drink...1 scotch and coke = 2 under par for BOB.

    OH! whats this, Frank is playing the pokies and not talking to anyone ,
    4 over par for him NO pokies at all.

    BUT WAIT .

    Big Bob ,Is talking about work , [-X hes get penalised 1 point
    ."""No work talk """"so back to
    1 under for Big Bob.

    You get 6 bonus points to start the day ,if you wear ,old DAGGEY golf clothes eg ,checked pants ,slip on old guys cap ,with pom poms ect, old large sunnnys ,just look like a foool .
    And $10 plastic kids golf clubs from Kmart.

    The leader for the hole or day ,get to wear theleaders or winners
    fluro green pink ect , Jacket to the next Hole {pub}

    Just get the 9 PUBS and make up the rules from above ,and make your own score cards with pub names and a map ,but you must get some one else to score for you.
    $20 a head winner takes all ,or you throw the money to a stripper latter that night.
  9. Hire a stripper and get some beer. The groom will be sober and uninteresed in the enterainment, making him the perfect gofor to do the beer runs and drive everyone home at the end of the night. :beer: :beer: :dance:
  10. woo hoo designated driver \:D/
  11. Laser Skirmish is always cool. Why not go for a ride though - what could be better than a ride with your mates?
  12. We went to the dishlickers for my bucks.
    $50 for a buffet meal and unlimited grog and if your lucky a couple of winners, then off to the shows on King street.