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Bucks Night Activities?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MitchRohr, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    So basically I have been given the responsibility of organising events for a bucks night this weekend. Unfortunately my options are limited as the location has already been finalised (camping at a caravan park near the beach) so I am at a bit of a loss as to how i can guarantee my buck will become epically inebriated without any major damage/injury/humilitation.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  2. well you definitely need to make a booking for a horny looking chick and a bag of toys to go out and do a show for you all... other than that have heaps of grog ready to drink and avoid inviting complete idiots and you should have a great night
  3. Without major damage/injury/humiliation? This is a Bucks party right?????

    Just don't let it turn out like this one http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=628109 & you should be fine.

    Last one I went to we went paint balling, bowling, got pizza & (some of us) went to the strippers. Was a great night!
  4. Paintball.

    Drunken paintball.

    Drunken, naked paintball, with strippers.
  5. Whatever happened to black shoe polish?
  6. dude, we need to head out on the town one night.. you i feel could be good value.
  7. Ah phiz, you classic :p

    I so can't see you with strippers... unless they rode motorbikes, or cleaned yours, I don't think you'd be interested :p :LOL:
  8. aaaaand he still has to go through puberty so stippers may just be a little confusing.. :p
  9. which strippers did you get??? Last one's i shot with a paintball gun got really pissy about it... :?
  10. My dear friends organised mutiple strippers for my bucks night, and one got rough. Lets just say I got married a week later with welts on my back and thighs! :shock:
  11. :LOL: Nut Slapped :LOL:
  12. Oh Baknobi how you wish that your nuts had been even seen by anyone other than your mum or sister.

    Rock, under, crawl htfu!
  13. don't forget the ball & chain, a simple version is a basket ball full of concrete with a meter of chain, put 200 mm of the chain in the ball, fill with concrete, easy & a right PITA :twisted:
  14. yard glass-check
    ball and chain-check
    doll and pram (seeing as how he needs to practice now he is going to have kids)-check

    lets do this!
  15. *massive thread bump*

    Hey all;

    Just had a read and got some ideas... I like the ball and chain one, might go make that this weekend.

    What I need help with is my mate has his bucks on the 25th Sep - Grand final day. We are looking for venue's in the CBD.

    Can people from melbourne please suggest pub / bar like venue's that would be suitable for this particular day (I know the city is going to be mega busy)...

    So far we have;

    --Mini-bus with permanent deso driver (can't drink, rooted kidney's, great mate!),
    --Looking at booking a local pub near home to watch the grand final
    --Might try and get a stripper there (midget stripper? fat-a-gram?)
    --I like the ball and chain idea
    --Head into city after footy and either go to a pub or straight to strippers

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks all
  16. Stripper with ping pong balls
    Blow up doll - He's getting married, he will need it.
    Some balls to replace the ones he has to donate at the wedding.
    oh and Stripper
  17. I was mad keen on putting the buck in some sort of costume (nothing too outrageous) and hiring a midget to wear the same sh!t so he had his own "mini-him" to get him drinks and stuff.

    We went for strippers in the end.

    (when I say in the end, I mean "upon conclusion of planning". I don't mean like that guy who had a stripper in his end).
  18. This is THE coolest thing EVER :D
  19. My Best man did a ball and chain for me.. but it was a plastic chain (still padlocked around the ankle) and a balloon with about 20 layers of gaffer tape (to REALLY keep the ball attached).

    It weighed bugger all - but was still a little annoying - which meant bouncers at several venue's were happy to let us in with it still attached. Good for the group, not so good for me because it stayed on all night.
  20. The one I made was a large brick with the edges rounded off with a grinder, with a dynabolt connected to a chain wrapped in tape. It probably weighed about 6 kilos.

    That's about all I can say- code of silence and all that.