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buckled wheel - how to repair?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Avodka, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    I have just buckled my front wheel (rim) on my Bolwell Jolie.

    At speed the bike is now very wobbly and unstable.

    Can this be repaired in Sydney ( I am in Pyrmont - 5 mins from the city)

    Or do I need to buy a new one / second hand ?


    Came off in the carpark in full gear

    leather shift jacket, alpinestar boots and gloves and full face helmet.

    draggin jeans are on order and guess which part of the body got road graze - and at slow speeds.

    But really need help fixing the front rim.

    Any places or help?
  2. You may have to replace it. Maybe cheaper.
  3. I'd be looking for a secondhand rim too. Wil be a lot cheaper, I assume alloy wheels....
    Good on you for wearing gear too! Please tell your scooter friends.

    Regards, ANdrew.
  4. Joile front rim from scooteria $250


    anyone know of anyone selling a 2nd hand rim for a 2004 bolwell jolie
  5. Certain alloy rims can be 'rolled' back into shape if the buckle isn't too bad. Others when they try crack and have to be replaced.

    There are places that can do it for bike rims but I don't know if the equipment will take a scooter rim...
  6. take it to a bob jane or something, see if they think it is repair-able.
    That would be the cheapest option to begin with.
    If they say no, then your up for a new wheel, but it would be worth checking out before springing the $$$.