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Bucket Racing!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. What exactly is it?? I've looked at one website posted in another thread but want some people who DO it to give advice. By the looks of the website it looks AWESOME fun and i would REALLY REALLY like to give it a go.

    So my other questions are:

    What are they restrictions of the type/capacity of bike and engine??

    Around how much will a bucket racer bike cost to purchase??

    I'm guessing i'd definately need leathers right?

  2. Josh, you need to be a member of an MA approved club, you need to have a racing licence and you need to wear all the protective geat that is required in any other form of racing.

    Most club membership fees are around $50 p/a and last time I had to issue one, a racing licence didn't leave you much change out of $150 (renewable each year) It has probably gone up since then.

    Buckets, from memory, are restricted to 125cc four stroke and 100cc two stroke. Check with your local motorcycle club and you'll usually find someone who's doing buckets and can help (WMCC probably won't be able to help here, they seem to be only interested in dirt racing, better to try St George or BWPMCC)

    Like any form of motor sports, bucket racing has its highs and lows, but it is great fun and it is cheap, as long as you don't want to win everything. Not surpisingly, bucket racing has lately been invaded by a few "win at all costs" people who have spent huge amounts of money to be competitive and have driven many riders who are just in it for the fun, out of the sport.

    Last time I checked, you could still buy a bucket bike already set up for racing for under a grand.
  3. Thanks for all that RC. Do you know where to buy a bucket racer?
  4. No, but if you contact BWPMCC or St George, I'm sure they can put you in contact with someone in their club who does bucket racing and that should open the door.
  5. Qld shouldn't be a problem..if the price is right you can afford to get it freighted here.
  6. Anyone interested in this should check out the Bucket Racing website http://www.ozbucketracing.com and their guide on how to get into the sport. Also have a look at the Post Classic Racing guys on http://www.postclassicracing.com.au/ - their New Era class caters for 1990-95 bikes so its not all old bangers, and is a cheap and friendly way to get into racing.

    I went to have a look at their last round at Wakefield Park this weekend, and it was brilliant - by far the easiest / cheapest way to get into racing in Aus. I'm saving my sheckels for a '95 CBR600F3 or similar for next year - but as RC36 has said you can get a bucket for about $1k and just go have fun.

    Intercapital motorcycle freight is about $100-150 so look nationally, as Qld and Vic both have active bucket racing clubs
  7. Why's it called "bucket" racing? :-k
  8. Me thinks because being older bikes they're nicknamed "Buckets"
  9. All good accurate stuff RC, but when I last bucket raced (about 5 years ago), there was an $800 'Claiming Rule", which essentialy meant that if you went nuts and spent a fortune on bike it could be 'compulsory purchased' by the club. The idea was to keep it cheap and accessible. I suppose the amount may have gone up, but is there still a 'claiming rule'?
  10. They were originally the buckets of sh1t class, now it is the superlight class.
    political correctness, will it ever end?
  11. Because the original idea was to race a "Bucket of Bolts". :D
  12. Geez!
    That rule was well and truly finished 10 years ago, Skeeta Grimshaw spent in excess of 25G developing their 2 stroke buckets.

    That ebay bike went for $405, a total waste of money, it was nowhere near being completed.

    All that would have been usable was the frame, the engine for some parts and maybe the fairing and seat unit.
  13. Thanks scooter, I guess it could have been a bit longer than I remember since I raced a bucket, and/or the MCRCWA has it's own local rules. I guess the original ethos of a cheap and easy way of racing is well and truly dead. :cry:
  14. nice im up 4 it