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Bucket lists.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Slow Coach, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Ok guys, any of you have a bucket list? Or live your life via a bucket list?

    I have been ticking a few things off and replacing them etc. Was wondering what people's ideas are that I could steal.

    So far this year I have gone from couch potato to completing- Tough Mudder, The Age Run Melbourne half marathon, The Melbourne Marathon, and Bupa 210km round the bay cycle (on a mountain bike)

    So the next physical activity is to see how I swim (since not done it for years) ready for an Ironman in 2014.

    I have fun stuff as well planned, but tell me yours. Also why do you use a bucket list? Or why not?

    Have a great Sunday and enjoy the moto gp.
  2. not a bucket list as such, just a list of desires i wish to complete
    get my health & fitness back
    regularly ride track days
    tour oz on a bike
    see the world
    learn a foreign language
    and have a threesome with sasha grey and stoya
  3. Do a lap of Australia on a done up DR650 on as little pavement and as much dirt as possible.

    Participate in Dakar on the same done up DR650, and finish.

    Same as above except on a diesel powered DR650. I suppose building the thing is on the bucket list as well.

    Get married, have kids, get a house somewhere nice near the good riding out in the countryside but close enough to the city (ie Warrandyte which is like the countryside in itself, or Hurstbridge which is not far), retire in a nice house out in the countryside.

    If I achieve all of that I think I'll be pretty bloody happy :)
  4. My list includes

    - Quit my job because I'll win lotto (if it's on the list - it has to be done!)
    - Go to North Ireland (preferably tour around on a bike) and maybe the south too..
    - Same as TheForgotten - tour Oz on my bike (not the MadAss - on my dream bike)
    - See my niece/nephew back in Canada again (hopefully in the next 5 yrs)
    - buy some land to retire on (no house - just a caravan'll do)

    and that's about it - simple list
  5. I don't see much point in having a specific list, since that may just mean I miss out on other opportunities that might come up. For example - I'd hate for a strict training schedule for a marathon to prevent me from enjoying what could be the finest chocolate mud cake that has ever existed. :)

    Do have a few things on the "to do" list though. This includes:
    -Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan, as well as visiting the various car/bike museums (which was actually going to be this year but changing jobs got in the way)
    -A pub crawl across all of Germany, and maybe a little of the Czech Republic as well (with at least one day sober for driving a rental car around the Nurburgring).

    Quite a few other places in the world I plan on seeing as well, and always the possibility I may end up visiting somewhere I never even thought of for work (like my trip last year to Ipoh, which I quite enjoyed).
  6. Live every moment, love those in those moments, be happy
  7. Visit every continent.

    I've got a few specific things I'd like to jump from.

    Break 200mph in a car.

    Break 200mph on a bike.

    Get my people for fixed wing, multiengine, and rotary wing.

    Take a shit in the oval office.

    Threesome with Olivia Wilde & Mila Kunis.
  8. As a former flying instructor, getting your people isn't too taxing, it takes having a bit of spare money and time (costs around $1000 to get licence/medical/security checks/theory books etc) and about $300 per hour of flying for around 40 hours (depending on ability), but it can be done as an hour every fortnight/month if money is tight.

    Also if you're planning on doing plane and chopper, it's significantly cheaper/easier to do fixed wing licence first, as that then allows reduced training hours in a helo.

    ***Short version, do it! :D
  9. -get married (looking highly unlikely at this stage, few days off 21 and only been on two dates)
    -stop riding (always had an understanding that id stop riding when i have something to really live for, like my own family)

    but more achievable,
    -have a project (the navara needs a rebuild, but id like a bike too)
    -(only recent, since i bought the 600) own a 1000cc bike.
    -fly an aircraft (love to get a choppers license)
    -live in a converted factory (preferably a hanger on deserted or un-used airstip... the runway and taxi area would be fun) a real mancave, where my living room is a garage
    -ride around tasmania

  10. Yeah I've been interested in it my whole life, originally was going to go to the US Air Force Academy (wanted to be an F-16 pilot), had my nomination all lined up even and then I got glasses***8230; ugh. In retrospect, just as well since I just wanted to fly, wasn't really interested in killing people and that's what I'd have ended up doing if I got there!

    I'm friends with a lot of CFIs back in the US (there are a lot of skydivers who fly, and fliers who skydive) and I'll likely go over there to knock out my people + IFR as it will be far far far far far cheaper, and then get the multiengine and rotary ratings later.

  11. Ride the full length of Route 66, and then get wasted at Sturgis .........

    ......... it's a short list, I fullfilled most of my others.
  12. Ok for what it is worth-

    Win Melbourne to Hobart West Coast ocean yatch race - done 2010
    Win Melbourne to Hobart East Coast ocean yacht race - done 2011
    Win Melbourne to Launceston ocean yacht race in 2012
    If I manage that it will be on the first boat to win all 3; let alone in a row, not sure that anyone else will be able to do it

    Complete the Melbourne to Osaka 2 handed race; not fussed about in what place.

    Make sure that this wife is the last one I have and not stuff it up!!
    Enjoy every moment I can with the small people and make sure they know how much I love them.

    Drive an Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    Not really a bucket list I guess just things that matter to me for different reasons.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. To do a solid shit,it was on my New Years resolutions.

    After years of failure,I have moved it to my bucket list.
  14. South Australia still waiting on indoor plumbing?
  15. Its on our bucket list
  16. to do laps of every race track in the world.
    to meet a lovely lady who loves motorsport, music , art etc
    to fly in a fighter jet.
    to build and design my own house...
  17. Where's Buckett, he is the list.
  18. Unless "lists" is meant as a verb. ;)
  19. You sail on Veloce?
    I now dislike you on principle... You might have beaten us on IRC last year, but at least we hold the race record. :)

    I figure that we'll keep trying the East Coast until the skipper can tick winning it off his bucket list.

  20. Wrong boat.

    Who cares about IRC it's all about line honours - I sail on BBB ( the big blue boat ) Gusto

    Guessing you sail on Goldfinger?????

    Are you going to Stanley? If so we should catch up for a beer.

    Cheers Jeremy