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Bubble Wrap!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, May 18, 2009.

  1. I love playing with it, if no ones around.

  2. I love playing with it, regardless of present company

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  3. Can't stand the stuff, drives me nuts.

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  1. It comes in a variety of sizes, pressures and colours, and I for one love playing with it. Even so during my uni years I've been known to venture to AusPost buy a roll and sit there popping it...

    Anyone else??

    Likes / Dislikes??


    yes i cbf with work again...
  2. I wanna get naked make a bubble wrap space suit then roll down a hill followed by running through a cbd popping the bubbles making motorbike noises
  3. Where's the option for "No i don't hate it, i use it for work"? :p
  4. Where's the option for "You're insane, but we still like you?" :LOL:
  5. You Sir, are an absolute nutter.

    Why would you ever pay for the bubble wrap you pop. There is plenty around if you keep your eyes open. :grin:
  6. I like to wrap my special lady friends in it.
  7. You're kidding, right?

    Whoever voted against it should be tried for treason
  9. Want a date? :p
  10. Did you ever watch World Famous Dicking Around? was on fox a few years back. They did just this except for the naked part. Didnt just stop with a hil lthough. also rolled him down a few streets and other various places. Even though it was a cold day (by english standards) he was sweating like a pig in the stuff. Had it packed at a good 3 foot diametre
  11. I find it really useful for wrapping fragile items and making vaginas out of it.
  12. I find popping it cheaper than therapy and just as relaxing.
  13. My kids gave me 3 metres for father’s day once as a joke. They've never been the same since. :rofl:
  14. i reckon getting a rub and tug in that space suit would be better :LOL:
  15. LOVE this topic... for once in my life, i am feelin' pretty damn normal right now....

  16. I love grabbing each end and twisting it, getting the full potential out of the popping. :LOL:
  17. Me too. I love wrapping my Barbie doll in it and squeezing and popping till Barbie squeals with pleasure. Thank God I'm normal like you guys.
  18. :shock: and i thought i was weird :beer:
  19. I like to collect chainsaws as well.