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Bubba and Ricecookers Birthday Weekend

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Bubba CBR, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Sat Feb 12th, 2011
    [VIC] Bubba and Ricecookers Birthday Ride Weekend

    It's on again Ride from where ever you are to Tintaldra and then the party to end all parties Bubba's turning 50 and Mel's turning 21 again so mark your calendars accordingly.

    As usual, some of you are expected to be in attendance - you know who you are!

    Once again, we will be staying at the Tintaldra Caravan Park and will be looked after in the usual outstanding fashion by our truly awesome hosts Rick and Ailsa with Dinner,Bed and gourmet breakfast all inclusive $55.00 per person.

    As usual bring your own grog or purchase it from the pub just over the paddock. Coke and lemonade will be supplied.

  2. Im in!... Hang on, I am already there waiting for you guys.
  3. So far on the list we have
    Bubba cbr Melb
    Catherine Melb
    Ricecooker ACT
    Motormouse ACT
    Jules848 ACT
    Yedi ACT
    Rumadt ACT
    Kimmie Syd
    Karl Syd
    Gypsy ACT
    Barconian ACT
    Ken ACT
    Avartie ACT
    Seph Melb
    Sir Skuffy Melb
    Rocket60 Melb

  4. Please add me to the list
  5. Not long to go now...

    happy birthday to us :D
  6. yeah happy birthday to us hic hic:beer::beer::beer:

    Melbourne crew to meet at Beechworth Bakery Healesville 8.00 am Sat for departure 8.30 am refuel at Mansfield then onto Beechworth for lunch through Granya gap and on to Tintaldra along the river road
  7. See you there Daddy


  8. You betcha with bells on:birthday::birthday:to Mel and Me