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Bub jugg huggers on my yamaha xvs 1300 scraps on the road ??????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LJ62, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else had this problem as they tell me I am the only one out of 500 sales please let me Know as have to talk to the owner tomorrow, here is the letter I sent to them

    Hi there
    I had a XVS 1100 V-Star with the bub Jugg Hugger exhaust and was extremely happy with it. Unfortunately It was involved in an accident and was written off, so have replaced it with XVS 1300 V-Star and bought a set of Jugg Huggers for it in December 2011 put them on and was extremely happy with them as expected. But with the First trip out I found that the tip of the bottom pipe hits the road on right hand corners or turning right from an intersection under throttle so have had a good look at them and have moved them up as far as I could but still hits the road. I have now spent $1500.00 on a custom Shock on the rear to stiffen it up a bit more like I had on my 1100 but the first trip away a 400km trip it hit 3 times the exhaust scrapes the road b4 the floor board does. So I thought that I would express my disappointment and think that there should be a modification to the system and think they should be lifted up about half a pipe to clear the road as it is dangerous like they are.
    Look forward to your reply

  2. Are you fat like me? :D

    Just had my bike (sprint st) resprung and valved, as even if i had bought an ohlins shock id still need to respring it because they are also set up for ~80kg riders.
    Was cheaper for me to get the stock worked over than buy an aftermarket, with the same result. Forks and rear was only $900.

    As for the pipes themselves, cant say much there mine are underseat ;).
  3. LOL not shore about fat 180cm and 96kgs :)
    they dont make an after market rear shock for mine, so after a lot of running around I had a custom Willbers one made the ducks guts in rear shockies and frount forkes to match hmmmm About $2500.00 for both
  4. So you're fat then.
    Still no excuse - I've seen porkers on cruisers before and they don't scrape pipes...
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  5. And so the circle of life continues...

    Another cruiser rider complains about "scraping in corners".
  6. You're riding too fast.
  7. I am fat (105 Kg) ride a cruiser and rapt if I ever scrape anything going around a corner
  8. Here Is one of the replys I got and my answer under it

    Sent: Friday, March 23, 2012 8:45 AM
    To: lyndon
    Subject: Re: Read: XVS 1300 V-Star

    Hey Lyndon,

    Spoke to Dennis from Bub today. We had a pretty long conversation about your situation. Based on the pictures we have it appears to be an issue that's primarily suspension driven. We came to that conclusion because of the angle of the damage. It's apparent that the tip is damaged. But when you examine the angle of the damage to tip you can see that it isn't on side angle, but nearly a straight horizontal angle. Generally when an exhaust scrapes in a hard lean the angle is much more vertical than what you have. Yours is scraping because the suspension is compressing down. That also explains why you're floorboards aren't hitting before the pipes.

    The amount of weight load you have on the bike certainly isn't extreme, but the current suspension set up is the cause of the problem. That said, what type of solution were you hoping for?

    Hi ???????
    I changed the suspension to try and solve the problem. with a heavier spring and a Wilber’s top of the range shock all calculated on the weight of us both + luggage and with the stock shock it was wound up the stiffest setting.
    The static sag has all so been set correctly at 10m sag. THIS SUSPETION WASENT MADE OR INSTALLED BY SOME BACKYARD CHOPE SHOP. The 1300 has a lot more travel in the suspension than the 1100 like 50-60 mm if they made them sit 30mm higher they would be fine I think or even shorter the problem is that they slope down below the floor boards and then straighten which makes the whole line lower than the floor boards so when your cornering and there is a bump or wallow in the road it hits way b4 the floor board.
    So looking at what you have written after your conversation with BUB that they thing that A Yamaha should make a bike that suits there exhaust Not that BUB should design an exhaust to suit the bike they sell it to for or B weld up the suspension so there is no travel

    I tried to ring you this morning but missed you

    What I was hoping for was what I bought a set of nice looking pipes that fit the bike I bought them for that was not going to kill me or my partner or anyone else. this is as much a safety issue as anything else

    Will try again tonight as out time difference is about 15 hours


  9. dont mind scraping but no the $800.00 exhaust !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. scraping is the new black ..... i scrap everywhere.. nothing gets me more wet then seeing sparks fly... keep them the way they are... you will pull chicks like me...

    no joke they dig it
  11. wow you used the phrase b4 in an email to a business
  12. so wheres the jugs then? I want to hug them too